portraits on Rue Lambert

First, there was this small portrait by Morèje, aka Jérôme Gulon. His street art pieces have mosaic frames made from tiny multicoloured tiles. Back in 2015, he made a series of portraits to honour the people who died in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. These can be seen in a blog post from 2016.

small hand drawn portrait of a young man surrounded by a frame made of many small tiles in different colours

The rest of the portraits on Rue Lambert are part of Rue Meurt D’Art, projects by Jean-Marc Paumier including these; the one on the left strongly resembles the man in the above portrait.

two portraits, with text, on a wall on rue Lambert in Paris, one male and one female, both by Jean Marc Paumier

below: “voyer quelle aurore se leve, un souffle et tout est efface” [see what dawn is rising, one breath and everything is erased”]

portrait of a woman, exterior, collage, street art

below: “Le poete est un voleur de feu” [The poet is a thief of fire]

portrait of a young man on a Paris street

below: “Revons c’est l’heure” [Let’s see it again].

portrait of a man with mustache and bushy beard, black ascot tie and blue jacket, street art, with text, rue meurte d'art

below: “Prenons donc notre place sans la mendier ” [let’s take our place without begging]

portrait of a man, exterior, street art,

below: “L’art est le plus beau des mensonges” [Art is the most beautiful of lies]

street art portrait in blue and brown

Translations were done using Google Translate, therefore there may be errors.
Photos taken June 2022.

another Casablanca wall

A low wall in the older part of the city… if I remember correctly it might be on one side of a taxi parking lot?   As I was taking pictures, an older man stopped to talk to me about the paintings on the wall.  I think that he said that a group of students painted it.

The mural is full of Casablanca scenes such as this image of the Hussan 2 mosque.

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall, the word Casablanca in white with a picture of the Hussan 2 mosque behind it, orange sky at sunset

an old mattress sits in front of a mural of silhouette people shapes jumping, in black as well as red, green, and blue people

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall, three black silhouette figures jumping

a man and a woman talking to each other as they stand in front of a wall covered in a series of murals

red sun, blue waves, hussan 2 mosque, brown wall, umbrellas, casablanca scene painted in a mural

streeet art mural of two mosques with red sky behind

below: Typical Moroccan tile work. part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall, tile patterns, triangles and diamond shapes in yellow, green, and blue

mosque with red sky, some tagging by RCA, mural

below: Curly metal railings and grilles like this can be seen all over Morocco.

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall, in blue curly shapes as seen on many metal railings in Morocco, on a red and orange background

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall, a large black, blue and white cat looking a four black and blue butterflies

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall - whimsical people doing athletic thigs,

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca walla blue door with gold trim

below: The Moroccan flag is a green star on a red background.

part of a series of murals on a Casablanca wall, a green star on a red background

J-DEF Peace Project, mosaic, Pilsen

Near the 18th Street CTA stop on the pink line, and in the Pilsen area of Chicago, is a mosaic mural by the J-DEF Peace Project.

purple background, mosaic mural, words that say J DEF peace project

mosaic mural outside on a wall at 18th and Paulina in Pilsen area of Chicago, an arm raised with a fist along with the words paz, talk to your neighbors

part of a mural at 18th and Paulina in Pilsen area of Chicago, by J-DEF peace project, a portrait of Jeff Maldonado Jr. for whom the project is named after, as well as a picture with the theme of create safe places away from gun violence

The J-DEF Peace Project by the parents of Jeff Maldonado who was shot a day after his 19th birthday.  It is a program that works towards ending gun violence among Chicago’s youth.  They have made a safe place for young people to come together to participate in art projects and other programs.

moasaic mural of tiles with words create safe places. A picture of a body outline on the ground with three red hearts, also shadows of two people with long hair on swings. A man plays a drum with the words Rudy Avina

below: A tribute to Ana Mateo, Francisco Mendoza, and Javier Merino.
Pilsen wall of honor part of mosaic mural, pictures and names of three people, young girl Ana Mateo, and two men, Francisco Mendoza and Javier Merino.

below: Police officer Brian Strouse is also on the Wall of Honor.

mosaic tribute to policeman, Brian Strouse, along with the words we need to work hard to make the world better

The words under the four portraits say:
“We need to work hard to make the world better
Stop killin’ each other, start comin’ together
But the things you want in life like the cars and the bling
Got you blinded by the fact that its only a dream.”

below: The end of the mural, “make smart choices”.

part of a mosaic mural, J DEF peace project, back of a car, with words make smart choices

Curtain Rd., East London

A short and simple blog post.  Just two pieces of street art from Curtain Road, and both can be seen from the same spot.

below: A mural of a couple embracing on the side of the Horse & Groom.

road construction, some older brick buildings and new skyrises in the background. On the wall of the Horse and Groom is a large vertical mural of a naked couple embracing while standing up

below: For Star Wars fans, a large invader piece of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, light sabers at the ready.

two large invader street artist pieces make of square tiles, a Luke Skywalker in white with a blue light saber and Darth Vader in black with his red light saber, on a grey concrete wall

two large invader street artist pieces make of square tiles, a Luke Skywalker in white with a blue light saber and Darth Vader in black with his red light saber, on a grey concrete wall of the Meyers Parking building

Fishers Lane, Fitzroy

Photos taken of the graffiti and street art in Fishers Lane back in February.

below: Welcome to Bali, vol II by BMD, being drawn with a pencil, and it comes complete with a pink earthworm crawling through the mural and the building.

muralby BMD on the upper level of a red brick building. Cigarette box shaped box, front is green with a picture of an little island with one little palm tree and a large earthworm coming out of the sand. a large pencil is seen drawing the picture

below: Garfield gets in on the act too. He’s writing on the walls “Nothing but Trouble”

street art mural of Garfield the Cat holding a marker and writing on the wall, Nothing but Trouble

below: A mural by Drew Funk, Deb and Monkey the roller derby women.

a mural showing two women ready for roller derb

below: Part of the alley, with another mural by Drew Funk in the foreground.

view of a lane with graffiti and street art on both sides

below: Even though this paste up is fraying at the edge, it still looks interesting. The interaction of two people in blank masks.

fraying paste up (large) of two people in blank masks. One is seated. The other is reaching out to him or her, on a brick wall in an alley

below: Four square pieces of wood, each with an insect – or at least I assume that the one on the left once had an insect on it.  The mosaic piece looks like something invader would make, but as far as I know he hasn’t been in Melbourne.  It may also be a character from a video game?

four square pieces of wood mounted on a wall, each with a picture of an insect. Above it is a creature, walking on two legs, made of black and blue mosaic tiles

below: Paste up, a woman in profile, on the open hand of a woman – herself?

small black and white paste up of an open hand holding a round shape with a woman's head in profile in it.

below:  A suited man with a bird in a birdcage instead of a head, at the rear of 285 Brunswick.  It is signed javer.

paper pasteup of a black and white drawing of a man's torso with a birdcage instead of a head. One black bird in the cage. It's on a door with lots of scribbles graffiti and a sign that says 285

below:  Two more javer pasteups.  Another man with a replaced head as well as a misfit woman.

2 paste ups on a boarded up space on a wall. One is a person with a black t shirt with the word Misfits on it. The other is a man sitting on a stool but instead of a head he has the speaker part of an old gramophone

below: One more javer paste-up.  This time it’s all about water, water falling from the sky and small puddles below.  The words written on the background paper are definitions of scientific terms dealing with liquids, terms such as dew point and absolute humidity.

paste up of a black silhouette of a man holding an umbrella and walking through large rain drops.

below: A bird by Sugar, a street artist who likes to paint murals of animals.

mural of a large bird head, light grey head, blue and black beak, brown body feathers, sign by sugar, on a white wall in an alley

below: At first I thought the title of this piece is Lost the Plot, but that’s actually the moniker used by the artist who painted this.

street art in teals and magenta, with words written small in the corner 'Lost the Plot' signature seems to be NCWB

below:  Unfortunately I can’t figure out who the artist is for this one.
a large text street art piece in black, white and red, on a fence,

below: He looks at the world through a different set of lenses.

graffiti and street art on a wall, some scrawls and scribbles but also one man's face, wearing glasses with red and white concentric circles instead of lenses

below: This sad looking girl was hiding in a very narrow space.

paste up of a black drawing on white, a girls head with very long hair looks over the top of a group of high rise buildings, cloud ans round sun behind her

below: A little hummingbird hovering on the wall.

a stencil in teal and black of a hummingbird hovering

below: Another view of the lane.

the backs of buildings in a lane. An old wood fence, with a tree behind it. A taller white building among some shorter buildings. sunny day, blue sky, Melbourne Australia.

below: Babushka dolls paste up

2 large paper paste ups of babushka doll shaped women. One with eyes open and smiling and the other with eyes closed.

Legacy mosaics

ANZAC Centenary, Legacy Street Art Project

Legacy is a charity that supports widows, children, and disable dependents of Australia’s injured or deceased military veterans.  Drewery Lane in downtown Melbourne runs behind Legacy House.  Over the four year Centenary of ANZAC period (2014 – 2018), Legacy plans to hold workshops that will allow the local community to interact and engage with the personal and shared histories of the Legacy Family.  Workshop participants will create clay tiles and plaques with some connection to WW1.  The plan is to attach 1000 of these mosaic pieces to the back of Legacy House.  In November 2015, the first tiles were installed.

white square tile with the word legacy and a picture of three people, attached to an exterior wall with numerous small clay pieces around it.


many clay pieces, a sword,an anchor, some with words, attached to a wall, part of a Legacy project for ANZAC commemoration


many clay pieces, a hand, some with words, attached to a wall, part of a Legacy project for ANZAC commemoration


clay pieces on a red brick wall in an alley all clustered together to form a mosaic