Nicholai Khan – Think Vegas

Back in 2015 I saw these three murals by Nicholai Khan in Las Vegas.  Khan was born in Trinidad but moved to Manhattan (New York City) in the 1980’s.

three murals in a row by Nicholai Khan, with #thinkvegas written by them, a woman's face, Charlie Chaplin, and Mickey Mouse

a small tree grows in front of a murl of a large woman's face, the leaves of the tree match the position of woman' hair, by Nicholai Khan, think vegas

below: Charlie Chaplin & his dog, surrounded by laughter.

very colourful painting of man done with dots, sitting down, bowler hat on, sort of like Charlie Chaplin, with hundreds of ha ha ha written around him

below: Mickey Mouse doesn’t look very happy.

a sad and forlorn MickeyMouse sits with his head resting on his arms, mural

Mission Linen Building, east wall, Las Vegas

The old Mission Linen building is at the corner of South 1st Street and Coolidge Avenue in Las Vegas.  The following photos were taken when I was in Las Vegas in October 2015.  The east wall of the building (facing South Casino Center Blvd) was a canvas for a number of street artists in a project curated by Dr. Lepper.  It was covered when I saw it and it was being added to as well.

exterior wall of a two storey building that has been covered with street art by a number of different artists

below: Artist John Pacheco was putting the finishing touches on a mural about Donald Trump and his wall.  It also features Gandhi, the Pope, and Mother Teresa.  Pacheco told me that he planned to paint the word ‘freiheit’, German for ‘freedom’, above the wall.  In hindsight, perhaps a word in Russian would have been more appropriate?

street artist John Pacheco stands in front of the ladder that he is using to paint a mural featuring Donald Trump, Ghandi, the Pope, Mother Theresa and a wall that is being built.

below: In the mural, Trump is saying “I want in.  I can win”.   As I write this, it’s the 18th of Jan 2017 and Trump’s inauguration as President of the USA is only 2 days away.


two street art pictures, A yellowish orange parrot with green wings and on the left a black man with orange exploding head

street art painting on a metal roll up garage door of a man in profile, in black and blue



murals and street art on the side of a building, the old Mission Linen building in Las Vegas.








a brightly coloured fish white with spots of orange, red, and yellow, swims in a blue patch on the pavement



white question mark on a concrete block painted yellow, with a mural covered on a wall in the background


Mission Linen Building, west wall, Las Vegas

The old Mission Linen building is at the corner of South 1st Street and Coolidge Avenue in Las Vegas.   Photos taken October 2015.

below: A large mural of the famous ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign dominates the west side of the building.

mural of the famous Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign painted on the side of a building

below: The head of a creature with Vegas eyes by New Zealand street artist duo BMD.

graffiti street art on a white wall - front end of yellow creature with big ping pong ball like eyes

below: Cats in love by #Danman

graffiti street art on a white wall - a sticker by Danman of a man and a woman in cat suits. The man has hearts in his eyes and is presenting the woman with some flowers

below:  She seems to be looking at the two faced man.
I wonder what she’s thinking.

graffiti street art on a white wall -

below: Many likes for the fisherman.

graffiti street art on a white wall - two posters, on the right an Indian in native head dress in profile and on the left, a small boat on a big wave

below: Marilyn Munroe in green and a pink haired woman by Typical Bandit

graffiti street art on a white wall -

below:  Street art in the Milk the Bunny series by Omayra Amador.
Bunny is holding a French flag in support of Charlie Hebdo.

graffiti street art on a white wall - a yellow rabbit with a pencil behind its ear, holding up a french flag with the words je suis charlie on it.

below: Another in the Milk the Bunny series

graffiti street art on a white wall - a dog on a cloud with the sun behind, he has pink bunny ears. A wheatpaste by Milk the Bunny

below: The seemingly unhappy entrance to 1001 South 1st Street

graffiti street art on a white wall -

below: El Teacher by Cova along with an Art Saved my Life stencil


giants and bunnies on the corner

Las Vegas, Nevada

Two large murals dominate the corner of East Ogden Ave and an alley that runs between North 7th and North 8th streets. Covering the corner of large parking garage on the north side of that corner is a very large man painted in 2014 by Spanish artist Borondo. It was painted as part of Las Vegas’s Life is Beautiful art and music festival.

a large mural on the corner of a 4 storey parking garage, a man from the waist up who is looking down on the sidewalk

Across the alley is a mural by Finton Magee also painted as part of the 2014 Life is Beautiful festival.

Two large murals on two different buildings that are across the alley from each other. On the left is a large man by Borondo and on the right is a woman reclining on a beach by Finton Magee. She is holding a purple umbrella. There are also cabbages and white rabbits in the scene.

At first glance, Magee’s mural seems to be a beach theme but then you notice the cabbages and the rabbits. She’s not lying on sand either. More cabbages and rabbits are on the other corner of the same building. And what might have been sand looks a lot like fabric. A rifle leans against the building.

looking at a corner of a two storey white building with a mural painted on the two sides. On the side closest to the camera ia man sitting and holding an umbrella. He is wearing shorts and is topless. A rifle is behind him, white rabbits are also in the picture.

mural of a man holding an umbrella as he sits on the ground. A rifle is behind him. He is holding a small black case in one hand.

close up detail picture of two white rabbits beside a woman's legs.

a large mural on the corner of a 4 storey parking garage, a man from the waist up who is looking down on the sidewalk - viewed from straight on so only one half of the mural, and one half of the man, is visible

Vegas jam session

Guitar players hanging around outside Cowtown Guitars, South Main St. in Las Vegas.

below: Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop,  and Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin

portraits of two guitar players (head shots) on the outside of a guitar store - Steve Jones and Jimmy Page

below: Albert King (1923-1992) American blues guitarist and singer.

portrait of Albert King (head shot) on the outside of a guitar store

below: Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954-1990) blues guitarist, and Johnny Thunders (1952-1991) who played with both the New York Dolls and the Heartbreakers.

portraits of two guitar players (head shots) on the outside of a guitar store - Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Thunders

below: Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones

portraits of two guitar players painted on the outside of a store, Jimii Hendrix playing a white guitar and Keith Richards standing with his arms folded.

paintings by Fernando, 2014

signature at the bottom of a portrait of a guitar player, a hand holding a fender guitar is in the picture along with part of the brick wall of the building.