400ml on two walls

In the Gueliz part of Marrakech I saw two walls that were painted by 400ml (aka Hicham Bellaghzal).  The first three pictures show the first wall presented from left to right.

“love love love”

mural by 400 ml, right habd side of mural, bly sitting, large red heart beside him, and rays of light coming from his eyes

“When we haven’t what we like we must like what we have.”

middle section of a mural by 400 ml in Marrakech, a boy in black and grey, back turned, against wall of bright reds and blues with words, love, love, love as well as

“Yesterday I really wanted pizza. Today I’m eating pizza.  Follow your dreams.”

mural with Bart Simpson holding a piece of pizza with words, yesterday I really wanted pizza today I am eating pizza follow your dreams

Nearby is another mural.  If I remember correctly, it’s just off Av Hassan II close to the train station.  Again, from left to right.

a small black horse and a face in profile in a mural

Rocco Morocco and a boy chasing a butterfly.   The love equation.

in a mural, an old man with a can and long orange coat with hood walks away, 1 plus one equals a heart

Urgent eyes

mural in sections, one section has two eyes in black and white surrounded by hearts in red and blue

in a mural, an old man with a can and long grey coat with hood walks away, plus large orange and yellow letters that spell Rocco

Georgian faces

Georgia the country that is, Tbilisi Georgia

stencil of a young girl's head, shoulders and arms, wearing a hat, holding a piece of fabric over her mouth and nose

below: Love is life. Not sure if there is meaning to the handgun and bullet holes

large colourful mural with the words love is life, a picture of a couple (heads) with flowers and hearts, also a handgun and bullet holes

below: Michael Jackson

black stencil of Michael Jackson in profile on a concrete wall with an orange stripe painted on it

below: blowing smoke

below: Looking out the window

below: James Joyce

grey tones, black and white portrait of James Joyce who wrote Ulysses

below: Cafe Linville

closed and locked double doors painted with two women talking over glasses of red wine, with the words Cafe Linville written across the top of the painting