portraits on Rue Lambert

First, there was this small portrait by Morèje, aka Jérôme Gulon. His street art pieces have mosaic frames made from tiny multicoloured tiles. Back in 2015, he made a series of portraits to honour the people who died in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. These can be seen in a blog post from 2016.

small hand drawn portrait of a young man surrounded by a frame made of many small tiles in different colours

The rest of the portraits on Rue Lambert are part of Rue Meurt D’Art, projects by Jean-Marc Paumier including these; the one on the left strongly resembles the man in the above portrait.

two portraits, with text, on a wall on rue Lambert in Paris, one male and one female, both by Jean Marc Paumier

below: “voyer quelle aurore se leve, un souffle et tout est efface” [see what dawn is rising, one breath and everything is erased”]

portrait of a woman, exterior, collage, street art

below: “Le poete est un voleur de feu” [The poet is a thief of fire]

portrait of a young man on a Paris street

below: “Revons c’est l’heure” [Let’s see it again].

portrait of a man with mustache and bushy beard, black ascot tie and blue jacket, street art, with text, rue meurte d'art

below: “Prenons donc notre place sans la mendier ” [let’s take our place without begging]

portrait of a man, exterior, street art,

below: “L’art est le plus beau des mensonges” [Art is the most beautiful of lies]

street art portrait in blue and brown

Translations were done using Google Translate, therefore there may be errors.
Photos taken June 2022.

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