rue Candie eye candy

below: by David Selor, a sorry fox you might say

a man in a blue winter coat walks past a wall with a painted street art fox on it, fox is standing upright and wearing and blue and white t shirt and a red pair of pants.  It was painted by David Selor in Paris

below: Two copies of Frieda Kahlo on what looks like Mexican export stamps

paper wheatpaste graffiti on a wall in Paris, looks like picture is printed on background of Mexican export stamps, or Mexican postage stamps.  Frieda Kahlo
s portrait, 2 copies, radially symmetrical, in grey tones, smiling, hair tied back

below: At number 1 rue Candie there is a small collection of paper pieces.

many wheatpaste paper graffiti pieces on a wall at number 1 rue Candie

below: Riding with the butterfly and swinging along side are the little people. These are some of the “petit peuple de l’ombre” created by wall.lilo

below: Nevoul Art wants you to know that this little astronaut says Vive 2022!

paper wheatpaste of a small astronaut holding a card that says vive 2022.  wearing a white space suit and helmet, smiling

below: More butterflies! A beautiful blue butterfly made with leaves on blue photosensitive paper as well as another wall.lilo butterfly

two small butterflies, paper graffiti, one was made with blue photosensitive paper with leaf patterns on it, and the other is a black and white drawing by wall lilo

below: La geule du bois becomes The hangover when translated into English even though a more literal version might be the mouth of wood.

wheatpaste street art on a wall, a person with long dark hair, blue sleevelss shirt, a tattoo on shoulder, white head band and white hat strapped to head.  the hat has words la geule de bois

below: “Je t’aime un peu partout” or “I love you everywhere” (Nevoul Art)

Photos taken March 2023

five little posters on a wall

…. with a story to tell about Alice complete with the Queen of Hearts (no tarts though), a White Rabbit and a grinning Cheshire Cat. But it’s not Alice in Wonderland, instead it’s Alice Au Pays du Street Art.

5 posters on an outside wall, each with a painting on it

below: With a mask and a feather in his tophat, Atelier Waladou’s black and white linocut along with the Queen of Hearts who wants sentencing first and verdict after (by Nevoul Art)

black and white linocut picture of a person in a mask and a top hat with a feather in it.  a second poster is the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland or alice through the looking glass

below: All Alice stories need a white rabbit, or rather un lapin blanc when in Paris. In this case, it was provided by Glauc‘ who has given him a pocket watch,an egg timer, and at least five wrist watches so he can watch the time. He mustn’t be late! Le lapin blanc face au temps.

painting of  a white rabbit with a pocket watch over one eye, a big red bowtie, an egg timer in one hand, 5 wrist watches around his arm, long white ears, a green jacket

below: The Cheshire Cat is grinning ear to ear as it asks to be taken to Wonderland but left in Neverland. It was painted by LiAXrt. And last is Alice in her pink outfit with a red bottle of “drink me” potion and a brown “eat me” cookie.

2 poster on a wall, one is a large picture of a cat face and the other is a girl in pink and purple, Alice

Photos taken March 2023