pesimo DMJC crew and saile_one in Wynwood

There is a large mural in Wynwood that is a collaboration between Peruvian street artist pesimo DMJC crew and saile_one.   Four very large figures cover the side of a building.   The car helps to give a sense of just how big the mural is.

large mural by pesimo93, dmjc crew and saile_one

below: There are a lot of details in the mural….  the spray paint can on the left, the vehicle crashed over the shoulder, an 8 ball,  and a USB stick.   Is it a snake or a wreath of living plants around the neck?  Is it strangling him?  The mask worn by the person on the right has a zipper, a padlock and crossed chopsticks.

large mural by pesimo93, dmjc crew and saile_one - part of the mural with a red car parked in front of it.

below: More details.  The dog is wearing a chain that says “trust no human”, and there are eyeballs on one of the heads.   The man on the left is wearing a badge that says #NoDAPL which is the hashtag associated with the anti Dakota Access Pipeline protest including the resistance at Standing Rock.

large mural, upper part of two people, one has face painted

below: Their “signature” includes their “portraits”.

two stylized heads painted on a door, one is in blue tones and the other in olive green tones, the left is dmjc crew and the right is saile_one. both have cigarettes and baseball caps on backwards. also wearing glasses.

two faces, reefa and leticia

There are many murals that feature images of faces, both male and female, in Wynwood (Miami).  Two of them are featured here.

The first is a large blue young woman with flowing grey hair, painted by Leticia Mandragora.   Her eyes contrast sharply with the rest of her face.  Mandragora is an Italian/Spanish street artist and tattooist.   Her blue faced woman have been painted in a number of places in the USA.  They all seem to have grey hair too.

mural by Leticia Mandragora of a girl with a blue face and a long head scarf in grey that trails to the left, along with three flowers

close up a large girl's face painted blue in a large mural, greenish eyes, head scarf on her head

The second mural is a memorial to street artist Israel Hernandez (aka Reefa) who died after being tasered by police in August 2013.   The portrait in the center portion was painted by Axel Void while a number of other artists contributed to the edges.

long horizontal mural by Axel Void with a young man's head inside a white circle in the middle, the edges are faces in pastel colours, stylized

center of mural, a young man's head and face, a portrait of Israel Hernandez, aka Reefa, by Axel Void

below: Justice for Reefa

stylized faces in pastel colours, at the edges of a tribute mural to reefa, painted by a number of different artists



Wynwood’s movie gangstas

original gangsta mural

The gangsta wall in Wynwood is along the side of the Toe Jam Backlot, a private studio/event space that is available to rent.   The mural on the north wall has nothing to do with ‘gangsters’ but it still looks wonderful – an amazing amount of detail.  My apologies for not knowing the artist’s name.

mural on a wall

The wall on the west side of the building is where the gangsta wall is.  It’s a wall that features the images of “bad guy” actors in famous movies, starting with Jack Nicholson in “The Shining”.

entrance to building, Toe Jam Backot, on the corner, whole building is covered in street art murals

Marlon Brando in The Godfather and Al Pacino from “Scarface”

Marlon Brando as the Godfather, in a mural with other actors

… Al Pacino in “Scarface” (again), Robert DeNiro in “Cape Fear”,  and John Travolta in “Pulp Fiction” …

mural with images of famous actors in movie roles, Al Pacino in Scarfacce, a man in a tophat, a man with a machine gun

   ….Arnie in “Terminator”,   Malcolm McDowell in “Clockwork Orange”, a masked Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs”,  and Heath Ledger as “The Joker” …

Clockwork Orange, masked Anthony Hopkins and Heath Ledger as the Joker, faces in a mural on a wall, black background, Wynwood

…. and at the very end is the only woman, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

Uma Thurman wielding a sword, image from Kill Bill movie

As you have probably noticed, I haven’t named all the faces – still doing the research to find out who they are!  If you can help, please let me know!

a young man poses in front a mural with images of actor's faces, original gangsta is the title of the mural, gangstawall

artist’s signature, 2009

artist signature on gangsta wall mural, 2009

Wynwood – at NW21st Ave and NW1st Pl

The street names in Miami are confusing!  As I typed the title I felt like I was typing some sort of code.    As I stood at the intersection of NW 21st Avenue and NW 1st Place, this is the street art and murals that I saw:

below:  On one corner, lines cover a couple of walls and a mural by ROA covers another.  On the white wall there are words that say, “Made in the Shade”

a building on a corner, a large mural by ROA on one side, lines in different colours on the other, and one wall with the words Made in the Shade

below: Across the street is another building that is covered with murals.   The green wall looks like stylized leaves and plants – it was painted by Ian Ross.

a building on a corner with murals on all sides

below: A mural by @boxheadarts – people head first into square tubes.

a white COmcast van is parked in front of a building that has been painted with a mural by boxheadarts, of white figures with their heads in various square tubes in different colours running in different directions

boxheadarts mural with white figures, heads in square tubes

below: Geometry, circles, and shapes by Max Ehrman and Ian Ross, 2015

mandela like mural, geometric shapes in a circle


below: Wynwood Samurai by @asquidcalledsebastien

a mural by a squid called sebastien, flaming helmet on his head, dog like face, red robes

below: A skull on hoardings

yellow decorated skull on pink horadings.