Mary Crandall

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I have always liked street art and wherever I travel I seek it out.  When I first started this project, street art wasn’t always easy to find and the artists were anonymous or “hidden” behind aliases.  Nowadays, street art is everywhere.  Festivals are numerous.  It has become a global art form.  The advantage is that now when I want to research an artist there is usually lots of information online.  Artists have come out into the open and most have instagram pages if not full websites of their own.

I have a backlog of photos.  In the beginning I thought that is was important to get my pictures online as soon as possible because street art, especially graffiti, can be very transient – here today and gone tomorrow.  I couldn’t keep up so I gave up.  On a return trip to Australia in 2016 I discovered that I had photos of good street art that had disappeared and so I realized that there was some value in keeping an archive of photos… and sharing it with you.   Now, after I visit a place I try to post those photos quickly.  And then when I get a chance I slowly work away at the others that I have stored on my computer.

If I have not credited the artist, and you know who he/she is, please let me know (email at the top of this page)!