Massimo’s woman in Sofia

A large mural of a young woman wearing traditional Bulgarian clothes has been painted by street artist massimo on the side of a building in Sofia.  She is holding a loaf of bread – bread plays an important role in Bulgarian traditions, customs and holidays.

mural by street artist massimo on the side of a building in Sofia, mural is about 3 storeys high. Woman is dressed intraditional Bulgarian costume

She has a flower in her hair, a rose, which is the national flower of Bulgaria.   But not all of the symbols that she is adorned with are Bulgarian.  On her forehead and around her neck are “third eye” symbols, or chakras.

top part of mural by massimo, woman's upper body and head. she is holding a loaf of bread in her hands.

two turquoise metal chairs and a little round grey table sit on a sidewalk in front of a large mural of a woman. Only the feet, ankles and calfs are visible.

She stands tall, smiling over the sidewalk, perhaps she’s wiggling her toes.

in a Sofia parking lot

This is a mural to honour and celebrate, Sofia.  As to whether or not the city was named for a person is in some dispute so maybe this is Soifa personified.  On the far left is a lion, symbol of Bulgaria and the name of one of the Sofia bridges.

long mural on a wall, Soifa, about Sofia, lion nead and head of Sofia looking regal

A close up of Sofia:

part of a larger mural, the head of a queen, supposed to be Sofia

The other bridge in Sofia is the Eagle Bridge, so an eagle appears at the other end of the mural.  Jan One is the signature by the eagle.

street art mural including an eagle head

There are two walls that abut this parking lot.  The other wall looks like this:

Chupa chups logo painted large on a wall in Sofia, exterior

On the top is a large advertisement for Chupa chups candy.  This lollipop was the creation of a Spanish company in the 1950’s and the name is a play on the Spanish word ‘chupar’ which means ‘to suck’.  The logo was designed by Salvador Dali.

The bottom painting is a mural by street artist Bozko.

mural by Bozko on a wall in Sofia, a wooden person-like creatire with a long nose is holding a bird house, his nose pierces the bird house.