four Adnate faces on Wellington

On an apartment building that is 20 storeys high, there is a large mural painted by Adnate.   Apparently it is the tallest mural in the southern hemisphere.  Recently completed (Sept 2018), the mural consists of four faces of residents of the public housing building.

adnate faces, four, on a 20 storey high apartment building

below: The top of the mural features the face of a young Vietnamese girl

a young girl and an older woman's face in an adnate mural

below: First grader Arden

young boy's face in a mural by adnate

below:  The face of Badria Abdo, from Ethiopia, who arrived in Australia in 2006 via a Kenyan refugee camp where she spent seven years.

below:  On the bottom is a man recently arrived from West Papua (Indonesia).

a black man's face in an adnate mural

Chopper Lane, Collingwood

Chopper Lane is a small dead end alley that runs off Perry Street in Collingwood. This bright blue mural is at the end of the lane.

below: I can’t read the signature at the bottom right, any ideas?

looking to a dead end lane, Chopper Lane, wall is painted like a blue sky with a few clouds, text written on it.

Text in the mural:
“I meet love and I lose it,
I sense it, I reject it,
I pursue it,
I find it in small things
When I stop to look at the sky
And I wonder
About You”

upper part is remains of a mural showing just a pair of woman's eyes, in blue, mural on the bottom of women working

below: The signature at the bottom right of this one is and lingerid.  Unfortunately, I cut off the signature on the left (partially visible here).

mural of two women

red and silver graffiti on a wall underneath a row of windows with frosted glass

below: One Mob

street art painting of a man topless with arms over head in victory, with text underneath that says one mob

below: Mural of a sugar glider, a small nocturnal possum.

street art mural of a sugar glider, a small rat-like rodent

I’m not sure if it’s still Chopper Lane after it crosses Perry Street, but you can continue walking north.

below: Looking across Perry Street from north to south.

devil mural on the right, then looking across the street to another wall and garage door on Perry Street in Collingwood, that is painted with street art

below: On the paper it is written: “Sometimes a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all.”  Even if it’s the devil from the TV show “Futurama”
futurama devil in a mural, yellow colour, blue text graffiti, devil is holding a hand written paper that says sometimes a deal with the devil is better than no deal at all

gold letter text street art with a picture of a woman in broad rimmed hat and purple and orange sunglasses

coloured lines, abstract, street art painting

below: A knight in no armour but a helmet spearing open a spray paint can.

street art painting, man on horse with long lance, or sword, on horse back, horse rearing up on hind legs,

text street art in an alley in Collingwood Melbourne

street art picture of a blue spray paint can being held by a blue hand, can has mouth wide open showing white teeth and red tongue.

below: I’m not sure it’s “street art” but it was too cute not to include here.

a row of stuffies behind a rusty metal grille in front of a window.

below: A closer look.

close up of three stuffies behind a rusty metal grille in front of a window.

looking into a back yard from an alley, drawing on white door, an old chair in front of the door.

below: Two pasteups on a pole

a row of spoons drawn on a piece of paper then used as a pasteup on a pole

black and white pasteup on a pole, outisde, with some red spray paint covering parts of it.

below: Oh!  It looks like I was spotted!

man on a balcony above a garage is looking down into the alley, another garage door has street art sprayed onto it

door in a fence in an alley covered with street art, textual

If you walk to the end of the lanes, you’ll find yourself on Bedford Street where there is another mural by Lingerid.

large painting of a man's head on the exterior wall, surrounded by grey words

Perry Street, Phibs

In Collingwood (Melbourne), on Perry Street, there is large mural painted by Phibs in 2015.  A portion of the bottom of it has been tagged over.   I only have two photos of it (taken December 2018), each is roughly half of the mural.

On the right side:

upper part is part of a mural by phibs in blues and greys of fish, drawn with lines and circles, the bottom part is a large blue tag.

and on the left side.

a street art liion in blues, stylized, also a fish, on a wall under a window and beside a door, by phibs in 2015, on a street in Melbourne Australia

This is a screenshot from google street view (filmed August 2017) which shows the right hand side of the mural as it once was.

screen shot of google street view of the phobs mural on perry street in melbourne

Link to Phibs’s website

Collingwood murals

Some of the murals that I have seen in Collingwood (part of Melbourne) in the past few days.

below: Refugee by Fintan Magee


below:  I am having trouble finding out the artist’s name. Skoutut?  Skoukit?


below: It says “Viva Frida”on the hat but I can’t read the signature.


below: by Nomad?

Nomad street art painting of a woman in profile with long black hair and red flowers in her hair.

I am not sure if the above is by Nomad because when I was researching him online,
I found this photo:

Melbourne mural by Nomad

below: by 90 degrees


below: by Lucy Lucy and Slicer, both of AWOL Crew



below: by Nicola Jones


world wide warehouse

The World Wide Warehouse is on the corner of Easey and Budd Streets in the Collingwood area of Melbourne.   It’s not actually a warehouse now, it’s the home of PBS 106.7 FM radio.   The lower part of it is covered with posters for events as well as a lot of  street art and graffiti.  A lot of the paper pieces are peeling away or torn.

The side of World Wide Warehouse, a two storey brick bulding that is quite long. The lower level is cover with graffiti and street art except where the windows are

below: A squid, a hand and many symbols – star of David, diamond, peace and female to name a few.  There is also a key to something.

wheatpaste, black on white, graffiti on a brick wall that has some green spray paint on it, drawing is of a squid with a head that looks like a hand with five fingers. there are other symbols on it too, a peace sign, a key, a star of David, a diamond, the symbol that equals female

below: professional loser on the right

graffiti on a brick wall, sync written in large block black letters, a black outlined white face, and a poster that says professional loser.

below: Christmas on Easey Street

A green cutout in the shape of a Christmas tree attached high up on a telephone pole. red circles are attached to it to look like tree ornaments.

below: Duster yelling with only half a face.  The other guy has only half a face, and come to think of it, so does the pink cat.

torn wheatpaste street art of a bare chested man, arm bent at the elbow, holding something in his hand. He is yelling but half of his face is missing

below: paper bunny on a faded head and a few faint words that look like sex

a wheatpaste bunny, white with black outline on a wall with a faded outline of a head in profile, otherwise painted black and blue

below: Do you even.  He sees with his camera, not his eyes.

A small relief sculpture of a man's torso painted yellow, headless, large muscles, with hands clasped together in front of his chest holding onto a camera. The words Do you even are written under one elbow.

below: toys and topless but no squares or hippies.  Everyone’s happy.

wheatpaste graffiti on a wall. A toy dump truck and a toy truck with a toy rabbut driving it. A poster of two topless women with the words not squares or hippies

A drawing of an older man with a beard, wearing a white hat, on a piece of paper attached to a brick wall

below:  The street art on the walls at the back of the warehouse, by the parking lot.

graffiti on a wall

mural on a wall, the top is black sky, the bottom is a scene of people, a city and 2 flying saucers or UFO's. Not realistic looking, cartoonish

power people

Surrounding the CitiPower Collingwood power substation at the corner of Easey and Wellington streets is a large monochromatic mural.  It is by Juddy Roller (a company specialising in street art and graffiti management) and it involved collaboration between street artists including Rone, Adnate, Mayo, Guido Van Helton and Askew.

The script/writing on the mural was painted by Mayo.

monochromatic realistic portrait of a woman part of a larger mural painted on a wall surrounding a power substation in Melbourne.  The woman has a ring in her nose
The portraits were by Askew, Rone, Guido and Adnate.

monochromatic realistic portrait of two women part of a larger mural painted on a wall surrounding a power substation in Melbourne

This mural was also made possible with the support of CitiPower Powercor, The Neighbourhood Justice Centre and City of Yarra.

monochromatic realistic portrait of a woman part of a larger mural painted on a wall surrounding a power substation in Melbourne.  Long hair is covering one side of the woman's face

monochromatic realistic portrait of a woman part of a larger mural painted on a wall surrounding a power substation in Melbourne

monochromatic realistic portrait of a woman part of a larger mural painted on a wall surrounding a power substation in Melbourne.  There are power lines in the background

monochromatic realistic portrait of a woman part of a larger mural painted on a wall surrounding a power substation in Melbourne

monochromatic painting in  greys of a hand on a large mural


monochromatic painting in  greys of a rose in bloom on a large mural