more Montreal women

The previous blog post was about a large Montreal mural by Kevin Ledo that was a portrait of a woman called Mary Socktish. There are a number of other murals in the city that have a woman, or women, as the main feature. These are some of them – the following photos were taken on four visits to Montreal between 2015 and 2021 and some of these murals may no longer exist.

below: One of the older murals in Montreal, a graffiti granny, old woman by ASHOP Productions

mural of an older woman with hair in a bun, wearing glasses, and an apron,purple buildings in background on mural,  on a Montreal corner,

below: A mural by five8art, a young woman looking skyward.

large mural of a young woman with longhair, blue background, she's looking up

below: By a Depanneur at Pins and Hotel de Ville, a large mural of two seated women and their scarf by Australian artist Fintan Magee.

At the corner, beside a depanneur, a large mural of two seated women by Fintan Magee, one has blue and white checkered scarf over her face, the other has same scarf across the top of her head.
Close up of mural by Fintan Magee in Montreal, by small window in building, hands of women plus their blue and white scarves

below: A mural by Rone, another Australian artist.

close up of a large mural by Rone of a woman's face in shades of brown, on a brick wall in Montreal, street art

below: Sorry is Not Enough, a mural by Denial (or Enjoy Denial) with a shout out to Black Lives Matter

large mural in Montreal of a woman crying, eyes closed, white tears, red lipstick, by Denial, above her face are words Sorry is not enough

below: From 2018, this mural by Drew Merritt and Sainte Famille and Milton (photo taken in 2018 as well)

mural of a woman on a MOntreal wall painted by Drew Merritt

below: Street artist Nychos working on a mural

street artist nychos up on a lift and painting a large mural in Montreal as people walk by on the street

mural by nychos in Montreal

below: A tribute to Lea Roback (1903-2000), by Carlos Oliva (aka Hsix) in 2014. Roback was a textile worker who became a trade union activist, feminist and pacifist (among other things). She fought for woman’s suffrage in Quebec (1936), she played a role in helping to organize 5,000 garment workers who had been on a three-week strike in 1937, and that is only a small fraction of what she accomplished.

below: by Sandra Chevrier, pop culture references to Superman and Batman

below: A collaboration between Cyrielle Tremblay and Poni (aka Hilda Palafox, painted in 2018. Working in an imaginary garden maybe?

muraal on a brick wall, two women working outside.  One is planting a blue pine tree and the other is pouring water, ther is a cross on a red hill with other blue trees on it.

below: A whimsical black and white of women astronauts, guitar players, skate boarders, astronomers, and others. It is the work of Le Monstr, aka Benjamin Tran.

black and white mural of women doing a number of activites, also some sleeping cats, an astronaut among the planets, a shkateboarder, reading, playing guitar.  Mural in Montreal, by Le Monstr, a k a Benjamin Tran

below: A mural from 2014 putting a spotlight on the call for justice for missing and murdered indigenous women.

on the side of a book store in Montreal, a mural calling for justice for missing and murderedindigenous women, a woman sitting outside, with a blanket around her shoulders

large murals in Al Hashmi Al Shamali

Most of the murals in this area of Amman were painted as part of one of the annual Baladk Urban Arts Festivals held in collaboration with the Al Balad Theatre.  These festivals started in 2013 – the murals that I saw here were all from 2017 through 2019.

below: In the foreground is a large mural by Fintan Magee. (2018)
three large murals in a row, in the foreground is one of a girl by Finton Magee, the next is an old woman with a red circle in the background and the third is a colourful woman with ribbons by Dina Saadi

below: by Suhaib Attar, 2017

large mural of a woman in black and white and grey tones, with a large red circle behind her head

below: “Reflections” painted by Dubai-based artist  Dina Saadi as part of Baladk 2018

large mural in Amman of a woman looking in a hand held mirror, with hair tied in two buns and lots of colourful ribbons around her head

close up of the head, a woman in profile, in the mural painted by Dina Saadi

below: A portrait of Jordanian artist Suhaib Attar painted by French artist Don Mateo

large mural in Al Hashmi Al Shamali in Amman of a man in black and red

below: This girl with the orange and green is also by Don Mateo.

large murals in Amman

close up of a mural, a girls face, on a wall with two windows, one of the windows has two flower pots

below: Local vocals.  This is not part of Baladk but I couldn’t find any more information on the mural – who painted it or whose portraits these are.

white background, blue paint, mural of a music group with 5 members, part of local vocals

below: From 2019, a blue haired woman by ZiNk aka Ibtehal Al Dous

a turquoise truck is parked on a residential street in Amman beside a mural of woman with blue hair and a purple jacket, she has her eyes closed

below: A large portrait by Hombre, aka Pablo Fontagnier (Baladk 2018)

fontal portrait of a person with short black hair and green eyes

below: “Imagine” by sourati  – Imagine to believe in yourself.  Imagine to step beyond limitations and try something new. (2019)

large mural of a woman wearing a grey top, eyes closed and dreaming of doves, the title is imagine and it was painted by sourati, on the side of a large building in Amman

below: A whimsical drawing by sourati – a man, a woman, and a cat all with their heads sticking out of the roof of their own little houses.

small street art on a concrete wall, whimsical drawings by sourati of people in small houses withtheir heads sticking out of the roofs , a moon in the sky and also a cat sticking its head out of a small house,

below: And last, I am not sure what the word says, but she seems to have a hole where her heart should be.

muddied old mural on a wall around a courtyard, a car parked beside

Tegel Art Park, Berlin

The “One Wall, One Mural” project is led by the non-profit organization Urban Nation.  They have brought well-known street artists to the Reineckendorf district in Berlin to paint large murals on the sides of apartment buildings.  When I was there in August 2018, there were 6 murals.

below: by How and Nosm, Spanish brothers (aka Raoul and Davide Perre) .  From watermelon dripping at the top to puzzle pieces on the bottom, with a lot of detail between.

a mural by Spanish brothers How and Nosm, detailed picture of many objects, watermelon on the top and puzzle pieces on the bottom, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

close up of top of mural by How and Nosm, watermelon dripping, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

below: by Fintan Magee.  A couple divided by war but with hope for the future.

close up of upper part of mural, a mother and child on one side and a man, the father, on the other side,Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

a mural by Fintan Magee, a mother and child on one side and a man, the father, on the other side, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

below: by Pixel Pancho

Pixel Pancho mural of two men, one with flower garden at the back of his head, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

below: A bright blue bird with magnificent detail work by Super A (aka Stefan Thelen) and Collin van der Sluijs.

,arge, bright blue bird, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

below: by Gonzalo Borondo, a dark scene that wasn’t popular

dark mural by Gonzalo Borondo, a girl with blood at her feet, a forest in winter, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

close up of top part of dark mural by Gonzalo Borondo, a girl with blood at her feet, a forest in winter, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

below: by The London Police whimsical characters with their robots.

Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

a mural by London Police, whimsical characters with simplistic round faces, a robot, Urban Nation Tegel Art Park, large mural on side of 13 storey building,

These pictures were taken in August 2018.  Since then, another large mural has been painted on one of the remaining buildings.  It was a collaboration between Nuno Viegas, and the German pair, Hera and Akut.  I don’t have a picture of it but this link will take you to Urban Nation’s description of the mural.

between Brunswick and Jewell stations

One of my previous posts was about the street art that I saw as I walked north from Brunswick train station towards Anstey.  Today’s post is a result of a walk south from Brunswick to Jewell station.

below: Piano teeth guy by goodie

street art painting of a young man's face in profile, instead of teeth he has a piano keyboard

below:  On the bike path, a collaboration between Taylurk, Shida, Twoone and Eno painted on the side of Acustico Cafe on Union Street.

mural on the side of a two storey building of a woman lying on her side. A black bird is sitting on her shoulder. There is a yarn covered bike rack in front

below:  There were a number of these little pink creatures along the bike path too.

grey concrete wall with graffiti on it, large JJ in pink, a man's head, a green tag, railway tracks are in the foreground.

below: “Long time no see”  Mike W.

street art painting in grey tones of two guys meeting, thumbs together, both with silly grins on their faces. One has black afro hair and the other has long stick up in the air hair.

below: Oh no! The zebra has fallen behind the rubbish bins!

A street art painting in black and white of a zebra lying in the ground with its feet in the air. A line of green rubbish bins is in front of the zebra and partially obscures it.

below: anti-church sentiment high on a wall.

poster graffiti high on a wall of a picture of a cathedral with the words "Tear it down. He's not coming"

below: A bright pink welcoming door amongst the graffiti.

A lot of graffiti on a red brick wall. A door is in the middle and it has been painted pink. large black and pink letters are painted in it that say Oh Hi. The O in Oh is a happy face. The i in Hi is an arm and hand.

below: Yes! Be awesome. Stay awesome.

sign at a railway crossing that says Stop on Red Signal. below it someone has posted a sign that says Please be awesome.

below: There were a lot of these ISIT stickers. Not very creative. I have included a picture of this one mostly to give you some idea of the look of the railway tracks and bike path along this stretch.

stickers covering a fence post, also spray paint in orange and pink. A white rectangular sticker with ISIT printed on it. In the background, slightly out of focus, is a pedestrian bridge over railway tracks

Two tiny little arrows attached to a telephone pole. Both of them point downwards. One is red and the other is red and turquoise.

concrete wall with tags, tea, zeske, smeumbl, posh boys. Plus black and white wheatpaste of two men kissing.

below: A bunch of balloons by Fintan Magee. It was probably part of a larger mural that has been partially painted over

street art of a lot of ballons by Fintan Magee

below: This is what the wall looks like now.

street art with balloons by Fintan Magee that were probably part of a large mural that has since been painted over with large grey and blue tags, kires and something else

below: Still hanging in there

paper graffiti of a person hanging from a window sill (which is real), person is paper. It has started peeling away

below: Two junky creatures made from trash.

a junky project sentinel creature on a pole. small body

nailed to a wooden telephone pole is a little creature made from a flattened pop can, another metal label and two bottle caps for eyes.

The previous post was about these junky projects so if you scroll down a bit you will find more junky examples.

Collingwood murals

Some of the murals that I have seen in Collingwood (part of Melbourne) in the past few days.

below: Refugee by Fintan Magee


below:  I am having trouble finding out the artist’s name. Skoutut?  Skoukit?


below: It says “Viva Frida”on the hat but I can’t read the signature.


below: by Nomad?

Nomad street art painting of a woman in profile with long black hair and red flowers in her hair.

I am not sure if the above is by Nomad because when I was researching him online,
I found this photo:

Melbourne mural by Nomad

below: by 90 degrees


below: by Lucy Lucy and Slicer, both of AWOL Crew



below: by Nicola Jones