between Brunswick and Jewell stations

One of my previous posts was about the street art that I saw as I walked north from Brunswick train station towards Anstey.  Today’s post is a result of a walk south from Brunswick to Jewell station.

below: Piano teeth guy by goodie

street art painting of a young man's face in profile, instead of teeth he has a piano keyboard

below:  On the bike path, a collaboration between Taylurk, Shida, Twoone and Eno painted on the side of Acustico Cafe on Union Street.

mural on the side of a two storey building of a woman lying on her side. A black bird is sitting on her shoulder. There is a yarn covered bike rack in front

below:  There were a number of these little pink creatures along the bike path too.

grey concrete wall with graffiti on it, large JJ in pink, a man's head, a green tag, railway tracks are in the foreground.

below: “Long time no see”  Mike W.

street art painting in grey tones of two guys meeting, thumbs together, both with silly grins on their faces. One has black afro hair and the other has long stick up in the air hair.

below: Oh no! The zebra has fallen behind the rubbish bins!

A street art painting in black and white of a zebra lying in the ground with its feet in the air. A line of green rubbish bins is in front of the zebra and partially obscures it.

below: anti-church sentiment high on a wall.

poster graffiti high on a wall of a picture of a cathedral with the words "Tear it down. He's not coming"

below: A bright pink welcoming door amongst the graffiti.

A lot of graffiti on a red brick wall. A door is in the middle and it has been painted pink. large black and pink letters are painted in it that say Oh Hi. The O in Oh is a happy face. The i in Hi is an arm and hand.

below: Yes! Be awesome. Stay awesome.

sign at a railway crossing that says Stop on Red Signal. below it someone has posted a sign that says Please be awesome.

below: There were a lot of these ISIT stickers. Not very creative. I have included a picture of this one mostly to give you some idea of the look of the railway tracks and bike path along this stretch.

stickers covering a fence post, also spray paint in orange and pink. A white rectangular sticker with ISIT printed on it. In the background, slightly out of focus, is a pedestrian bridge over railway tracks

Two tiny little arrows attached to a telephone pole. Both of them point downwards. One is red and the other is red and turquoise.

concrete wall with tags, tea, zeske, smeumbl, posh boys. Plus black and white wheatpaste of two men kissing.

below: A bunch of balloons by Fintan Magee. It was probably part of a larger mural that has been partially painted over

street art of a lot of ballons by Fintan Magee

below: This is what the wall looks like now.

street art with balloons by Fintan Magee that were probably part of a large mural that has since been painted over with large grey and blue tags, kires and something else

below: Still hanging in there

paper graffiti of a person hanging from a window sill (which is real), person is paper. It has started peeling away

below: Two junky creatures made from trash.

a junky project sentinel creature on a pole. small body

nailed to a wooden telephone pole is a little creature made from a flattened pop can, another metal label and two bottle caps for eyes.

The previous post was about these junky projects so if you scroll down a bit you will find more junky examples.

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