day trip to Bendigo

There isn’t much street art in the town of Bendigo – or I was wasn’t in the right part of town.  The five pictures below is all that I saw.

below: You’ve just been given the bird.  Peace.

a white stencil on a blue wall, a dove in flight with an olive branch in its mouth. A hand and arm is made of the words "You have just been given the bird"

below: A supercalifragilistic stencil

black stencil on a light brown wall, Mary Poppins floating upwards with her open umbrella. Her trail is the word supercalifragiliciousexpialidocius.

below: Three women on walls.

black stencil on a stone wall of a woman's head, very large Afro hair style, smiling,

small paper wheatpaste of a blond woman on the door of a small metal box, with a padlock. The paper is peeling a bit and the rust from the box is also on the graffiti

Paper wheatpaste of a woman that is badly faded and peeled off. She is beside some purple spray paint.

giants and bunnies on the corner

Las Vegas, Nevada

Two large murals dominate the corner of East Ogden Ave and an alley that runs between North 7th and North 8th streets. Covering the corner of large parking garage on the north side of that corner is a very large man painted in 2014 by Spanish artist Borondo. It was painted as part of Las Vegas’s Life is Beautiful art and music festival.

a large mural on the corner of a 4 storey parking garage, a man from the waist up who is looking down on the sidewalk

Across the alley is a mural by Finton Magee also painted as part of the 2014 Life is Beautiful festival.

Two large murals on two different buildings that are across the alley from each other. On the left is a large man by Borondo and on the right is a woman reclining on a beach by Finton Magee. She is holding a purple umbrella. There are also cabbages and white rabbits in the scene.

At first glance, Magee’s mural seems to be a beach theme but then you notice the cabbages and the rabbits. She’s not lying on sand either. More cabbages and rabbits are on the other corner of the same building. And what might have been sand looks a lot like fabric. A rifle leans against the building.

looking at a corner of a two storey white building with a mural painted on the two sides. On the side closest to the camera ia man sitting and holding an umbrella. He is wearing shorts and is topless. A rifle is behind him, white rabbits are also in the picture.

mural of a man holding an umbrella as he sits on the ground. A rifle is behind him. He is holding a small black case in one hand.

close up detail picture of two white rabbits beside a woman's legs.

a large mural on the corner of a 4 storey parking garage, a man from the waist up who is looking down on the sidewalk - viewed from straight on so only one half of the mural, and one half of the man, is visible