four Adnate faces on Wellington

On an apartment building that is 20 storeys high, there is a large mural painted by Adnate.   Apparently it is the tallest mural in the southern hemisphere.  Recently completed (Sept 2018), the mural consists of four faces of residents of the public housing building.

adnate faces, four, on a 20 storey high apartment building

below: The top of the mural features the face of a young Vietnamese girl

a young girl and an older woman's face in an adnate mural

below: First grader Arden

young boy's face in a mural by adnate

below:  The face of Badria Abdo, from Ethiopia, who arrived in Australia in 2006 via a Kenyan refugee camp where she spent seven years.

below:  On the bottom is a man recently arrived from West Papua (Indonesia).

a black man's face in an adnate mural

Massimo’s woman in Sofia

A large mural of a young woman wearing traditional Bulgarian clothes has been painted by street artist massimo on the side of a building in Sofia.  She is holding a loaf of bread – bread plays an important role in Bulgarian traditions, customs and holidays.

mural by street artist massimo on the side of a building in Sofia, mural is about 3 storeys high. Woman is dressed intraditional Bulgarian costume

She has a flower in her hair, a rose, which is the national flower of Bulgaria.   But not all of the symbols that she is adorned with are Bulgarian.  On her forehead and around her neck are “third eye” symbols, or chakras.

top part of mural by massimo, woman's upper body and head. she is holding a loaf of bread in her hands.

two turquoise metal chairs and a little round grey table sit on a sidewalk in front of a large mural of a woman. Only the feet, ankles and calfs are visible.

She stands tall, smiling over the sidewalk, perhaps she’s wiggling her toes.