world wide warehouse

The World Wide Warehouse is on the corner of Easey and Budd Streets in the Collingwood area of Melbourne.   It’s not actually a warehouse now, it’s the home of PBS 106.7 FM radio.   The lower part of it is covered with posters for events as well as a lot of  street art and graffiti.  A lot of the paper pieces are peeling away or torn.

The side of World Wide Warehouse, a two storey brick bulding that is quite long. The lower level is cover with graffiti and street art except where the windows are

below: A squid, a hand and many symbols – star of David, diamond, peace and female to name a few.  There is also a key to something.

wheatpaste, black on white, graffiti on a brick wall that has some green spray paint on it, drawing is of a squid with a head that looks like a hand with five fingers. there are other symbols on it too, a peace sign, a key, a star of David, a diamond, the symbol that equals female

below: professional loser on the right

graffiti on a brick wall, sync written in large block black letters, a black outlined white face, and a poster that says professional loser.

below: Christmas on Easey Street

A green cutout in the shape of a Christmas tree attached high up on a telephone pole. red circles are attached to it to look like tree ornaments.

below: Duster yelling with only half a face.  The other guy has only half a face, and come to think of it, so does the pink cat.

torn wheatpaste street art of a bare chested man, arm bent at the elbow, holding something in his hand. He is yelling but half of his face is missing

below: paper bunny on a faded head and a few faint words that look like sex

a wheatpaste bunny, white with black outline on a wall with a faded outline of a head in profile, otherwise painted black and blue

below: Do you even.  He sees with his camera, not his eyes.

A small relief sculpture of a man's torso painted yellow, headless, large muscles, with hands clasped together in front of his chest holding onto a camera. The words Do you even are written under one elbow.

below: toys and topless but no squares or hippies.  Everyone’s happy.

wheatpaste graffiti on a wall. A toy dump truck and a toy truck with a toy rabbut driving it. A poster of two topless women with the words not squares or hippies

A drawing of an older man with a beard, wearing a white hat, on a piece of paper attached to a brick wall

below:  The street art on the walls at the back of the warehouse, by the parking lot.

graffiti on a wall

mural on a wall, the top is black sky, the bottom is a scene of people, a city and 2 flying saucers or UFO's. Not realistic looking, cartoonish

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