faces in pinks and blues

A mural full of odd and somewhat disturbing faces can be found in a narrow alley near the corner of Prince Arthur St. and Saint Laurent Blvd. It was painted by Mono Sourcil, (aka Maxilie Martel) a Montreal street artist. It dates from Mural Festival 2017 and has survived well.

Some of the people look rather ordinary and are doing ordinary things…. others, not so much.

mural by Maxilie Martel in an alley in Montreal, faces in pinks and blues,
part of a mural by Monosourcil, of faces, some odd faces, including a greyish blue face with one pink eye,
part of a mural  in a Montreal alley by Mono Sourcil, faces of people, including man with very pink face and dark pink hair, blue lips, another man with a face that looks more like a walrus
chair behind an empty hut in a parking lot, part of a mural sticking out on the wall of the alley behind the chair

Madame Gilles

As you walk around the city of Montreal, you can probably spot quite a few paper paste-ups featuring collage images of people that were created by an artist that signs her pieces as Madame Gilles.

poster sized graffiti on a wall in Montreal, collage of different pictures to form abstract womans face, by Madame Gilles

below: Similar image as above but this time on a door with another, including “One Day You Will Come” by @_doverin

below: A little less abstract and a lot less colour

black and white paper pasteup graffiti by Madame Gilles, womans face is predominant feature

paper pasteup graffiti by Madame Gilles, black and white image of a female guitar player, Joan,

The next two pictures show the same doorway. First the top section where once again the same image appears.

pasteups by Madame Gilles on a door in Montreal

Lower portion of the door.

pasteups on a door in Montreal

pasteup that was a collage but has been tagged over in blue paint

Photos taken September 2021

in an alley with my umbrella

in Montreal.

below: This large mural by M.C. Baldassari is at one end of the lane, at Prince Arthur.

large mural on the side of the building, in greens on red background, three women with dark gren hair and bright green eyes

below: The very bottom part of the mural

small part of a large mural on a brick wall in an alley, red and green,

As you walk down the lane, there are a number of older murals along with a lot of graffiti.

blue umbrella in a lane with street art and autumn trees on both sides

below: A Waxhead creation

street art by wax head by two exterior metal staircases in a montreal alley, green and blue figures

below: Three mermaids by three different artists including lulukathulu and Amanda Valdes

a mural with three different mermaids by three different artists

a blue umbrella beside a fence with large grey and red text graffiti, wet day, autumn, leaves on the ground,

below: A blue eye on the door. With a smaller eye drawn inside it.

a bit blue eye painted on a brown door, with lots of graffiti around it.

below: Some of the murals have been tagged over.  Parts of the pink animals (and blue dog) are still peeking out above the mess.

a mural of large pink animals has been tagged over on the bottom part

a large mural with a bright yellow and pink tag on the bottom of it,

a red umbrella sits on the ground beside a mural

street art art mural in a laneway, back of building,

striped klones

Klone Yourself mural, from the 2016 Montreal MuralFest, features two black and white striped upside down human-like figures

below: The hand on the sidewalk that supports the figures.

part of a larger mural, a black and white striped hand in on the ground, supporting two upside down figures

below: The figures take up the whole of the side of the house (4 storeys?) and are marvelously placed.  Their feet are against the roof and the windows of the building are their faces.  One figure is resting a hand on the corner of a window.

two large humanoid figures upside down, striped black and white, windows of the buildings are the faces of the creatures in the mural

Klone Yourself is a Ukrainian artist who lives in Tel Aviv Israel.

lovebot goes to Montreal (2015)

Lovebot went to Montreal for MuralFest 2015

He was spotted all over town!

below: Spelling it out, L O V E high on a wall.

four large wheatpaste pieces high on a brick wall. Lovebot in profile facing right makes an L, then a lovebot facing forward for O, then a lovebot heart for V and finally another lovebot in profile, with arm sticking out, to make E.

below: Out for a walk with lovebat (babybot with wings?) flying behind.

wheatpaste lovebot walking, with small lovebat? or baby bot with bat wings, flying behind

below: He was seen hanging out with some of the locals….

a small lovebot wheatpaste on a wall above some street art painted creatures, one cat like animal in red and one pinkish creature with long green hair.

below: or with friends

a large lovebot as part of a large painted mural on a wall.

below: Or just hanging around by himself

lovebot wheatpaste on a red brick wall on a building at the entrance to an alley

lovebot wheatpaste on a red brick wall with lots of hydro wires and cables

below: Because not all the locals were friendly!

A light grey lovebot sticker beside a sticker of a girl with bandana over the lower part of his face and she is pointing her rifle at lovebot. The sticker of the girl is by Enzo Sarto and his name on it.

large wheatpaste paste up lovebot on a wall about a street art painting of a rooster who also has a heart on his body

black lovebot sticker on the blue part of a Bell payphone

a black lovebot sticker on a black pole with a bike parked against that pole and a pink and purple mural of faces behind in the background

Alice’s wonderland mural

In an alley near rue Mont Royal and rue Saint Denis is a mural based on the characters from the story of Alice in Wonderland – the white rabbit worrying about the time, a grinning cheshire cat who rises above it all, human playing cards, and a dopey looking hookah smoking caterpillar.  (photos spring 2015)

part of an Alice in Wonderland mural in a Montreal alley, looking down along the wall that the mural is on, a pink and white striped grinning cheshire cat sitting on a floating leaf.

part of an Alice in Wonderland mural in a Montreal alley, looking down along the wall that the mural is on - a sleepy fat caterpillar sitting beside a large light blue hookah

part of an Alice in Wonderland mural in a Montreal alley, looking down along the wall that the mural is on, there are also a number of colourful text tags in the mural

part of an Alice in Wonderland mural in a Montreal alley, looking down along the wall that the mural is on - an anxious looking white rabbit with a large pocket watch in his hand, wearing black bowtie

part of an Alice in Wonderland mural in a Montreal alley, looking down along the wall that the mural is on - red mushrooms at the bottom of the picture so it looks like they are growing in the alley. They are partially obscured by green weeds that have grown in front of the painting.

part of an Alice in Wonderland mural in a Montreal alley, looking down along the wall that the mural is on - three playing cards, the Ace, 2 and 3 of spades, as young men in black caps and tights, large cards for their bodies