Maika is another Montreal street artist. So far, these are the paste-ups of hers that I’ve seen as I’ve walked around the city.

Red, white, and blue, melting into a puddle.
on a black door, a white piece of paper paste-up with a drawing, head and shouders, of a person.  Line drawing.  There could be one face or two depending on which way you look at it
One face or two?
a man walks past a wall that has a poster graffiti on it, unfortunately there is a rip in the paper so image is difficult to see but there is a had and a cow's head, image by Maika
The hand of David as a wing but with the head of a cow.
graffiti pasteup colourful image of a hand and open cigarette lighter but instead of a flame there is a small bouquet of flowers
You can’t start a fire with flowers can you? Lit.

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