two faces, reefa and leticia

There are many murals that feature images of faces, both male and female, in Wynwood (Miami).  Two of them are featured here.

The first is a large blue young woman with flowing grey hair, painted by Leticia Mandragora.   Her eyes contrast sharply with the rest of her face.  Mandragora is an Italian/Spanish street artist and tattooist.   Her blue faced woman have been painted in a number of places in the USA.  They all seem to have grey hair too.

mural by Leticia Mandragora of a girl with a blue face and a long head scarf in grey that trails to the left, along with three flowers

close up a large girl's face painted blue in a large mural, greenish eyes, head scarf on her head

The second mural is a memorial to street artist Israel Hernandez (aka Reefa) who died after being tasered by police in August 2013.   The portrait in the center portion was painted by Axel Void while a number of other artists contributed to the edges.

long horizontal mural by Axel Void with a young man's head inside a white circle in the middle, the edges are faces in pastel colours, stylized

center of mural, a young man's head and face, a portrait of Israel Hernandez, aka Reefa, by Axel Void

below: Justice for Reefa

stylized faces in pastel colours, at the edges of a tribute mural to reefa, painted by a number of different artists