four Adnate faces on Wellington

On an apartment building that is 20 storeys high, there is a large mural painted by Adnate.   Apparently it is the tallest mural in the southern hemisphere.  Recently completed (Sept 2018), the mural consists of four faces of residents of the public housing building.

adnate faces, four, on a 20 storey high apartment building

below: The top of the mural features the face of a young Vietnamese girl

a young girl and an older woman's face in an adnate mural

below: First grader Arden

young boy's face in a mural by adnate

below:  The face of Badria Abdo, from Ethiopia, who arrived in Australia in 2006 via a Kenyan refugee camp where she spent seven years.

below:  On the bottom is a man recently arrived from West Papua (Indonesia).

a black man's face in an adnate mural

heesco, Artists Lane, Melbourne

Another artist with work in Artists Lane is heesco, a Mongolian born artist now living in Melbourne.

below: A marvelous blue woman with a glass of red wine in one hand while she gives you the finger with the other hand.

mural of a large than life blue woman, (head and upper body), long black hair, sunglasses, red lips, lots of necklaces, glass of red wine in one hand, red nail polish, giving the finger with the other hand, pink background, by heesco,

below: An abstract explosion of colour and energy

walls along side of artist Lane, mural by heesco is in the center

below: A close up of the one above:

close up of street art by heesco

Eastside Gallery, Berlin

On 12 August 1961, the Soviets began building a wall around West Berlin to separate it from East Berlin and East Germany.  By the next morning, the wall was complete.  More than 90 miles of wall made an island out of West Germany.

people and parked bikes in front of part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

Eastside Gallery – This outdoor “gallery” is a section of the Berlin Wall that has been left standing along Muhlenstrasse.   It is just over 1300 metres long and has been covered with 105 paintings and murals on the side that faced East Berlin.  It was first painted in 1990 just after the wall fell.  Some sections were repainted in 2009.

below: “Diagonale Lösung des Problems” by Michail Serebrjakow 1990. Diagonal solutions.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery, thumbs up sign, with a string tied to the thumb pulling it backwards and holding it up

below: A Trabant (the only East German make of car) comes through the wall, painted by Birgit Kinder, 2009. The date on the licence plate, 9 November 1989, is when the wall was opened and East and West Germans were allowed to cross freely.  Demolition of the wall began in June of 1990.

 a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: The orange bridge in the picture is Oberbaumbrucke (Oberbaum Bridge) that crosses the River Spree near this wall section. This wall runs parallel to the River Spree as the river was part of the ‘border’ here.

a woman walks her bike past part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: Part of “Doin it cool for the East Side” by Jim Avignon, Miriam Butterfly, and Tomas Fey (similar to above).

below:  actors Jean Reno and Juliette Binoche

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery - faces of two people,

below: Jumping over the wall (He looks a bit too relaxed?)

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery, a man in a red jacket jumps over the Berlin wall

below: ‘Tolerance’ by Mary Mackey of Denver

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery, Tolerance by Mary Mackey of Denver Colorado

below: A small part of ‘Joint Venture’ by Margaret Hunter.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery - lots of graffiti, a pasteup of a couple kissing under an umbrella


below: Es gilt viele mauren abzu bauen = There are many walls to build.  There are lots of walls we need to break down.  Painted by Ines Bayer and Raik Hönemann

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery - es gilt viele mauern

below: By Schamil Gimajev (or Gamil Gimajew), a very large mural with the words Freedom and Perestroika incorporated into it.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: A gate in the wall, now with locks on it.

people hanging out in front of part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: Some of the locks

Some locks attached the bars of a metal gate in the old Berlin Wall on Muhlenstrasse, Eastside gallery

below: by Christine Fuchs

writeen words, brown on white, large letters, How's God she's black

below: Batman and The Joker.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery - Batman and Joker

a young man playing a guitar in front of part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: No mans land barbed wire. “Niemandsland” by Carmen Leidner.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery - barbed wire

below: Theodor Cheslav Tezhik – The Big Kremlins Wind.  The winds of change.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

a young muslim woman in a head scarf walks past part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

 below: I painted over the wall of shame so freedom is ashamed no more.  Inferno ruled too many years until the people chose the light.  I put my faith in you, Berlin, and give to you my colours bright.” Fulvio Pinma.  The text is also written in Italian (larger letters above) and in German (at the bottom).

words in a mural by Fulvio Pinma, in Italian, German, and English, on part of the Berlin wall, Eastside Gallery

below: Not in the picture, the other end of the chain is in the mouth of a white dove.  This mural is by Andrej Smolák

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery with a lot of pink and black graffiti scrawled on top of it

below:  A comment on censorship in art by Willi Berger –  “Der Maler Hans Meissel (1888-1969) sowohl im Dritten Reich als auch in der DDR mit Ausstellungsverbot belegt wegen seiner expressiven Malweise setzte mit ‘GOTT ALLEIN DIE EHRE’, J.S. Bachs letzter Komposition der Kunst der Fuge ein Denkmal. [blue] Mit der Kopie des nun erstverottenthaten Bildes mochte ich meinem Lehrer Donk abstatten.”   It’s a copy of a painting by (and tribute to) Hans Meissel whose artwork was banned by the Third Reich.  The title of the painting is “Soli Deo Gloria” and was a tribute to the last composition by J.S. Bach, ‘The Art of the Fugue’.

a man stops to look at part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery, tribute to painter Hans Meissel by Willi Berger

below: Thierry Noir

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery, large faces by Thierry Noir

below: Mikhail Gorbachev drives a car with a hammer and sickle steering wheel.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery, picture of Mikhail Gorbechev driving a car with a hammer and sickle shaped steering wheel.

below: Selling black and white portraits in front of an untitled work by Ana Leonor Madeira Rodrigues.  Floating ghostly figures in black and white.

a man sells black and white drawn portraits in front of part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: Spacemagik, by Gabor Simon

people in front of part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

below: A line of wanted posters.  Bloody Vladimir.  Putin of course.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery - posters with the face of Putin, Russin leader, with words, Bloody Vladimir, wanted poster

below: A painting of Leonid Brezhnev and Erich Honecker kissing as painted by Dmitri Vrubel.  It was first painted in 1990 and re painted in 2009.  Honecker was the East German leader in 1989 whose rise to power was aided by Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.  By 1989, Brezhnev was dead and the more liberal Mikhail Gorbachev was the Soviet leader.

two women stand in front of part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

people reaching up high to write things on the wall, part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

people walking past part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

A full list of the original artists can be found on Wikipedia.

part of a mural on Berlin Wall, Eastside gallery

Barcelona doors

Street art seen on doors in Barcelona Spain, April 2018


below: Vegan bunnies.  One releases a caged bird and the other has scissors in her hair.

street art painting of two young women on a door, stylized, one with turquoise hair and the other with light purple hair. One with a red dress and holding a bird cage that a bird is flying out of. words at bottom say vegan bunnies. scrawled across the top are the words Lima love.

below: Cat and mouse by Cisco KSL who is also a tattoo artist.  The mouse has a couple of vices.  I wonder what the cat’s key will unlock?

motorcycle in front of two doors with murals. on the left is a cat and on the right is a greenish coloured mouse. both animals fill the door.

below: She lives at 202 Carrer de L’Escorial

a man and woman pushing a stroller walk past a garage door with a mural of a womans face on it.

below: Reaching out

a paste up of a boy in blue snow suit and blue and white hat, he is pointing outwards,

below: A bloody mess, a painting by Sarah Pitel – an American from Portland Oregon.

painting on a door of a person's head, with lots of black hair, top of body is just rib cage with lots of red paint that looks like blood splattered all over it

below: Cats?  Cats with very long necks.   (Ooops! Not a door).

three long necked cats painting on a door

below: It started with a street art piece by Arte Ignorante of a woman in blue tipping her hat with the girl in red beside her.

doors, wood, with two people on them, an adult and a girl

below: Handmade in Barcelona, the shoe maker at work, with a line of shoes above.

mural on a metal store window covering of a pair of hands working on making shoes

below: Black and white, two women looking at you.

door with graffiti on it.

below: BOB is on the right.

two doors with murals. on the left is goofy faced creature with orange spiky hair and on the right is the word BOB written vertically in large light teal letters.

below: Pandora’s box and bright finger nails.

La Caja de Pandora, Pandora's box, in white on black background, a hand is coming out of the box, with bright red nail polish, box is open,

cartoon like painting on a door, pink faced person with bright yellow sweater, a yellow fish

This post is also a “Thursday Doors” blog post.  This is a weekly occurrence and a number of bloggers participate.  If you are interested in doors in general and want to see more door themed blog posts, here is the link.

little things on Barcelona walls

Barcelona Spain, April 2018,
 pasteups, stickers, stencils and other little pieces of graffiti.

below:  The green creature (with Ore on its tail) seems to want to eat the heart.  The tiger appears on walls in many Spanish cities although sometimes he’s just a black and white head.  He’s the creation of Bloo.  Last, an orange crab with eye lashes on one eye.

some pasteups and other small pieces of graffiti on a concrete wall. A tiger, a heart, an orange crab.

below: RAF Urban, young boy

paste up of a boy's head and shoulders by raf urban

below: Another face, this time a woman looking up.  She’s not quite obscured by the paint around her.

yellow arrow, pointing to a pasteup of a womans face on a wall

below: Pointed

a stencil on a wall, a hand with index finger pointing, points to a metal door that is covered with a mural

below: “Lo importante esta en tu cabeza” on empty cans. As it turns out, this the name of an album by the group La Gran Orquesta Republicana.  Rough translation is: The important is in your head.

empty cans covered with black and each with a blue letter on them, the cans are put together on a wall so the letters make words.


below: More cans on walls. This time they say “mensajes de amor en tiemps de guerra,  mensajes de paz con la mente  guerrera”. [messages of love in times of war, messages of peace with the warrior mind].   This can art is the work of an anonymous couple.   Many examples of their work can be seen on instagram with the hashtag #llaunesbcn

empty cans covered with white, with black letters, one per can, on them. The cans are mounted on a wall in with letters forming words that say mensajes de amor en tiemps de guerra, mensajes de paz con la mente guerrera

below: Funny Bone and a little hairy chested, hat wearing, tattooed fellow with love on his tummy (or lower).

stickers on a door that has a red tag on it.

below: Güelcom was an Argentinian movie, a romcom from 2011.   Because of my poor Spanish as well as the rip in the paper, I can’t tell what the second word is. 

pasteup of a woman with blue hands reaching out for her face, also the words, guelcom

below: A black and white paste up.

pasteup of a man's face, wearing black sunglasses, also his face is covered with black lines

below: Mowcka “uniendo tus partes” and others

stickers and paste ups on a wall

below: Very, very with symmetry, as a red rose lies on the sidewalk.

stencil, in purple, words mucho mucho with the second one being uder the first, and upside down, also a stenciled red rose lying under the words, arranged such that the flower looks like its lying on the sidewalk,

below: Smile! Anthropomorphic rabbit photographer in blue

blue rabbit with a camera

… and red

red rabbit with a camera

below: somiatruites, Catalan for daydreamer

small painting on a gold coloured wall, exterioe, six green arms with fingers stretching out from a central reddish face
below: Utility box.  JERC = Joventuts d’Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (Young Republican Left of Catalonia).   They support independence for Catalonia which is the part of Spain that includes Barcelona.

utility box with painted political statements graffiti

below: The Hulk.  Even he is locked out.

The Hulk

below:  Watering can and plant pot faces.

2 small pictures on white board on outside wall

below: Another collection of small paste ups on a wall.  There’s that tiger again.   A blue unicorn and a very large insect share the upper left corner.  That little black and white figure in the bottom left is a flying peanut, a character by Hadsawit that really gets around.

graffiti pasteups on a wooden door

many pasteups on a wall

below: The Raven, or at least a large black bird

stencil, black bird eating something

metal utility box on a sidewalk beside a stone wall, drawing of the upper part of a man, in black line drawing.

old wood door covered with blue tag and a sticker with a red flower

people on Bristol streets

People in murals and other street art seen in Bristol earlier in 2017. 

below:  A mural in shades of yellow by tattoo and street artist Sepr (instagram) .  These aren’t blackbirds baked in a pie, instead they are blackbirds in a cup and saucer.  Let’s have tea!

mural, yellow and grey on black background, car parked in front. Mural is a man holding a tea cup in one hand and a small plate in the other. Two blackbirds in the cup and one on the plate.

below: Jesus Break Dance by Cosmo Sarson

large mural of a man upside down on one hand, only a loincloth on, no other clothes

below: A large mural of a woman’s face in yellow and black, by Stinkfish, Stokes Croft, 2012

large mural of a yellow woman's face, long black hair, on the side of a building, blue and red text graffiti along the bottom

below: The Coat of Arms by Nick Walker

mural on a wall, figure with many arms, wrds that say the coat of arms

below: On the left is ‘Afrika en la casa’ by Feo Flip (Basura Visual) and on the right is a cracked face by LAIC.

two large faces, one man , one woman, with a door covered with posters between them

below: Another piece by LAIC.  Most of his street art involves distorted faces,

below: Street art by Dr. Love from Tbilisi Georgia, love holds you up. Girl on swing. Red balloons.

street art piece of s girl sitting on a swing that is being held up by two red balloons

below: Welcome to St. Pauls mural

mural on a wall, city scene

street art, 3 pieces,painting of woman's head in grey and purple, graffiti in pink and green shapes, plus drawing on a door in the middle

below: Alice in Wasteland.

stencil graffiti

below: A little line drawing wonderfully placed around the chain.

small drawing on a wall, man with scowling face, large head and small body,

below: Boxing dog-faced men with bright red gloves.

mural of naked men with red boxing gloves

below: DENX ’09

street art painting of a man with blue face, black hat and jacket and green pants

mural of a witch with wizard hat on blue with yellow stars

under a barred window, a painting of two faces on blue background

resist graffiti words

parking meter man as a monkey, sneering, and pointing, beside a sign that says no parking, words on street art say put the oney in the meter

words that say think local boycott tesco, picture of a man holding a protest sign and a megaphone

Jamaica at Hillgrove, Bristol

below: A panda finds a quiet corner under the street sign.

small street art piece of a panda with bamboo in its mouth, under a street sign for Hillgrove Street


Hillgrove is a short street, two blocks long.  It is dissected by Jamaica Street.   On one corner is a large mural by Phlegm.  A man looks through a telescope while sitting on the shoulders of a man who in turn is standing on stilts.  One hand is holding the telescope while a bird on a rope is held by the other.   A large red and white wave reminiscent of ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Katsushika Hokusai is the eye catching focus of the painting.  It’s as if he’s looking to the future while standing on the shoulders of giants (masters). 


buildings on a street in Bristol, including one with a large mural by phlegm,large red and white wave with a person on a ladder besideit looking through a telescope

large mural by phlegm,large red and white wave with a person on a ladder besideit looking through a telescope


below: A stenciled cat walks on the sidewalk….  the  work of Beastie.

small stencil of a realistic looking cat, on a concrete wall, at sidewalk level so itloks like it's walking on the pavement

below: A natural woman of sorts – with plants, vines and roots and the bugs and butterflies that depend on them.

tall narrowmura of a woman with flowers and vines and chinese character tattoo on her shoulder