at the roundabout

below: In the middle of the roundabout is a sculpture called “The Sun on the EDGE” by Ilan Averbuch. The title is a play on the word edge as the roundabout is located in the EDGE District of downtown St. Petersburg.

in the foreground, words in chalk on the sidewalk about love, then a roundabout with a circle of grass in the middle.  there is a large sculpture in the roundabout.  a large circle of sun rays, by Ilan Averbuch


below: Mural by Chad Mize

mural on the side of a building, a man on the right side with a mug in his hand, rest of mural is geometric shapes in reds, blues, and yellow

below: Tow Away Zone

sign saying tow away zone in front of a mural in red, blue, and yellow

below: Stickers on the back of a sign along with a page of notes

stickers on the back of a street sign

below: Raphael emerges from the sewer where the Mutant Ninja Turtles hang out

manhole cover on the sidewalk, chalk drawing of head and shoulders of teenage mutant ninja turtle with a red mask, Raphael

below: All you need is love, and some chalk

drawing in chalk on the sidewalk, a little yellow submarine and words from Beatles song, all you need is love

little pieces, Newtown

┬áMore graffiti seen in Newtown (Sydney)…
This time, little pieces that I saw – stencils, objects and little sculptures.

below: “Every day is invasion day” little relief sculpture graffiti

small relief sculpture graffiti of a naked man with the words 'Every day is invasion day'

below: “do you even” another little sculpture

small relief sculpture graffiti of a headless man holding up his T-shirt while holding a camera. Great abs on the guy

below: The whole pole was wrapped like this.

pole wrapped in colourful yarn crocheted in square pattern, laid on point, with green crochet yarn around the diamonds.

below: A balaclava mounted on a wall, similar to those seen in Melbourne
balaclava mounted on a brown brick wall, spray painted gray

below: “drink to get drunk” is inscribed on the smashed can.

crumpled piece of metal with a small spout, looks like a metal gas container. Words written on it are "drink to get drunk"

intricate and detailed drawing of a topless woman surrounded by apples and leaves. She is heavily tattooed

black on white stencil paste-up of a man's head