Ligama and Loste

A large mural in Bushwick (Brooklyn) NY called ‘Brick Venus’ was recently painted by two Italian artists, Ligama and Mirko Loste. It features large sculpture-like faces. The face on the righthand side is so large it extends off the top of the wall so that you can’t see her eyes.

large grey eyeless face in a mural on an exterior brick wall, looks like it has been carved from stone

Some colour seems to be creeping into the middle face. Colour and life.

By the third Venus, the transition is complete; she is no longer made of stone

The Bushwick Collective – a graffiti and street art project of artists from around the world founded in 2011 and still going strong.

at the roundabout

below: In the middle of the roundabout is a sculpture called “The Sun on the EDGE” by Ilan Averbuch. The title is a play on the word edge as the roundabout is located in the EDGE District of downtown St. Petersburg.

in the foreground, words in chalk on the sidewalk about love, then a roundabout with a circle of grass in the middle.  there is a large sculpture in the roundabout.  a large circle of sun rays, by Ilan Averbuch


below: Mural by Chad Mize

mural on the side of a building, a man on the right side with a mug in his hand, rest of mural is geometric shapes in reds, blues, and yellow

below: Tow Away Zone

sign saying tow away zone in front of a mural in red, blue, and yellow

below: Stickers on the back of a sign along with a page of notes

stickers on the back of a street sign

below: Raphael emerges from the sewer where the Mutant Ninja Turtles hang out

manhole cover on the sidewalk, chalk drawing of head and shoulders of teenage mutant ninja turtle with a red mask, Raphael

below: All you need is love, and some chalk

drawing in chalk on the sidewalk, a little yellow submarine and words from Beatles song, all you need is love

little pieces, Newtown

┬áMore graffiti seen in Newtown (Sydney)…
This time, little pieces that I saw – stencils, objects and little sculptures.

below: “Every day is invasion day” little relief sculpture graffiti

small relief sculpture graffiti of a naked man with the words 'Every day is invasion day'

below: “do you even” another little sculpture

small relief sculpture graffiti of a headless man holding up his T-shirt while holding a camera. Great abs on the guy

below: The whole pole was wrapped like this.

pole wrapped in colourful yarn crocheted in square pattern, laid on point, with green crochet yarn around the diamonds.

below: A balaclava mounted on a wall, similar to those seen in Melbourne
balaclava mounted on a brown brick wall, spray painted gray

below: “drink to get drunk” is inscribed on the smashed can.

crumpled piece of metal with a small spout, looks like a metal gas container. Words written on it are "drink to get drunk"

intricate and detailed drawing of a topless woman surrounded by apples and leaves. She is heavily tattooed

black on white stencil paste-up of a man's head