around Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw, in a building built in 1895, is a pub on Richmond Street South in Dublin.  I had heard that there was some street art in the vicinity, so a detour was made to that part of Dublin.  The building looks like it needs a coat of paint!

an old black building, the Bernard Shaw pub, built 1895, with street art on either side of it.

below: A brightly coloured bird flies on one side of the pub

mural of a blue and dark pink bird in flight, with a long yellow beak

below: A peacock continues the bird theme on the other side of the Bernard Shaw.
Perhaps that’s him on the wall above?

a large mural of a colourful peacock onwood construction hoardings.

below:  Don’t forget to look up too.

murals on a wall and on the upper storey of a pub behind the fence, a tug boat, fowers, a woman's head

below: “Our bodies, our lives, our choice” mural.  Part of the “Repeal the 8th” campaign, an abortion rights campaign to call for a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland.  The 8th amendment criminalizes abortion in all cases except where to continue a pregnancy would result in death of the mother.

two people walking past a mural covered with pictures of flowers and leaves and the words, in cursive writing, Our bodies our lives our choice

small street art painting of a man's face high on a wall

In the same area there was a car park…  or construction site…  or just a series of walls covered with street art and graffiti.  Not much of it was noteworthy but here are a few pictures just the same.

construction hoardings covered with street art and graffiti with cars parked beside them.

below: This one accompanies a happy birthday and I love you message written for Angela, presumably written by Caolan.

graffiti that says angela & caolan. Angela is in pink letters and caolan is in blue. the e in angela is a lock and the L in caolan is a key. The key fits into the lock.

a little black and white striped, wavy stripes, stylized face creature.


street art of three male faces, jester like hats, in subdued tones of blue and pink and beige . Line drawings but with realistic lips and tongue

graffiti and street art on fences, with sunlight shining through

graffiti and street art on building and fence, with brick rowhouses behind, Dublin

text street art and graffiti on walls

street art man's face on a brick wall above a text graffiti tag, people wakling in the alley beside the building

small 3D circle blue with flower in the center and an orange square beside the circle. The square has a face on it with square eyes

Liberty Lane, Dublin

Liberty Lane is a narrow graffiti filled street in central Dublin.

a narrow street with low buildings on both sides, walls of which are covered with graffiti

grey tones mural of a man in a mask with text street art on either side of his head and shoulders, words say aches hog huz

graffiti on a fence, with construction crane in the background

below: Street art by crept. I know that I’ve seen this green turtle character with its red and yellow wizard cap on a wall in Toronto.

graffiti on a wall, large amount of text, with a green turtle head holding onto a yellow wizard cap with red stars on it., signed by crept and also says RIP skinner

large text graffiti that says rest in peace crept that covers a garage door.

below: To me you are a work of art, and antifolk community.

stickers across the top of a doorway, exterior, including one that says To me you are a work of art.


stylized drawing of a leering young man's face with gaps between his teeth

a lot og graffiti and tags on concrete walls and fence including a large red roboz tag

large colourful tag that says gecko on a wall with other tags

short black pillar between street and building has been painted black and then blue line drawing of a square headed man with arms and ribs.

below: I know that this is an ad and not street art but is was so colourful I couldn’t resist.  It’s on Camden Row which is the street where Liberty Lane ends.

an ad for Tayto emoji app, red mural with yellow faced man cartoonish character

idle tagging, Dublin

On John Street there is a large maroon coloured building.  A couple of murals have been painted on it.

At one end of the street is this mural by Marcamix, Evolve Urban Arts.

mural on the side of a building, a Japanese looking woman, a keyboard with wings, in orange and brown.

Beside it, is this longer mural.  Unfortunately I’m not who the artist is (or artists are).

large mural on a maroon wall, titled Idle Tagging, a woman standing, a large white cat, plus other creatures,

part of a mural, a woman standing wearing blue skirt and green top and sunglasses. Also a large white sitting cat with one paw raised.

part of a mural, profile of older man, slightly abstracted

part of a mural. what looks like headless man running or walking,