Liberty Lane, Dublin

Liberty Lane is a narrow graffiti filled street in central Dublin.

a narrow street with low buildings on both sides, walls of which are covered with graffiti

grey tones mural of a man in a mask with text street art on either side of his head and shoulders, words say aches hog huz

graffiti on a fence, with construction crane in the background

below: Street art by crept. I know that I’ve seen this green turtle character with its red and yellow wizard cap on a wall in Toronto.

graffiti on a wall, large amount of text, with a green turtle head holding onto a yellow wizard cap with red stars on it., signed by crept and also says RIP skinner

large text graffiti that says rest in peace crept that covers a garage door.

below: To me you are a work of art, and antifolk community.

stickers across the top of a doorway, exterior, including one that says To me you are a work of art.


stylized drawing of a leering young man's face with gaps between his teeth

a lot og graffiti and tags on concrete walls and fence including a large red roboz tag

large colourful tag that says gecko on a wall with other tags

short black pillar between street and building has been painted black and then blue line drawing of a square headed man with arms and ribs.

below: I know that this is an ad and not street art but is was so colourful I couldn’t resist.  It’s on Camden Row which is the street where Liberty Lane ends.

an ad for Tayto emoji app, red mural with yellow faced man cartoonish character

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