Sligo walls, murals

On the walls around the Adelaide Car Park, Sligo Ireland, are a number of small murals.

mural, stylized painting of a person playing a blue guitar with a cloud in the background, yellow sky, and a bottle of something floating beside the musician
on a brick wall, with houses behind, a mural of a man in grey monotone, some blur highlights in the rest of the mural which is a picture of ships at sea
mural on a brick wall in a car park, with houses behind, three stylized women with bright red hair, flowing to their shoulders, all holding bouquets of flowers
a mural of a woman in blue tones, frontal image, staring straight ahead. Two birds are in flight, one on either side of her, flying towards the center of the picture

a woman's face, black hair, looks like she's coming out of the center of a purple flower, a yellow bell, a bird and a bone are also in the picture

two cars parked in the corner of a car park, blocking views of two small murals, one on each wall of the corner. One is a stylized young man's face in blue and yellow.

below: Shligo Shtyle, Nooneboy

text mural, white letters on black that say Shligo Shtyle

Rose Carpark animals (plus more)

Rose Carpark is on Rose Street just west of Brunswick Street.  In June 2014 many of the walls were painted with street art in a project by Graffix Creative.  Many of the images are of animals although there is a lot of letter/text and a couple of murals of other things.  Below is a sample of the animal murals….  with the last two images featuring animals of the human kind.


a car park with cars parked on either side, a wall (two storeys high) with a street art painting of a bird on it.

below: polar bear

head and paw of a polar bear painted on a wall. The bear is roaring, it has it's mouth wide open and his teeth are showing.

below: A shark in the corner.

street art painting of a shark on an inside corner of a wall in a car park

below: A drooling dog with glasses.

A dog's head. Drooling jaws, tongue sticking out, and wearing a hat with the name Zulu on it, on a wall in Rose Car Park
below: A frog peers over the surface of the water.

a street art painting of a frog partially submerged in water, his eyes are peaking out over the top of the water

below: A tiny top hat on top of an octapus

a street art painting of a blue and purple octapus. It's wearing a tiny little black top hat
below: A bird in the air.

street art of a bird in flight

Street art painting of text within a large armed vehicle, large black tires

street art painting of a man holding a large gun pointing at the viewer