Sligo walls, murals

On the walls around the Adelaide Car Park, Sligo Ireland, are a number of small murals.

mural, stylized painting of a person playing a blue guitar with a cloud in the background, yellow sky, and a bottle of something floating beside the musician
on a brick wall, with houses behind, a mural of a man in grey monotone, some blur highlights in the rest of the mural which is a picture of ships at sea
mural on a brick wall in a car park, with houses behind, three stylized women with bright red hair, flowing to their shoulders, all holding bouquets of flowers
a mural of a woman in blue tones, frontal image, staring straight ahead. Two birds are in flight, one on either side of her, flying towards the center of the picture

a woman's face, black hair, looks like she's coming out of the center of a purple flower, a yellow bell, a bird and a bone are also in the picture

two cars parked in the corner of a car park, blocking views of two small murals, one on each wall of the corner. One is a stylized young man's face in blue and yellow.

below: Shligo Shtyle, Nooneboy

text mural, white letters on black that say Shligo Shtyle

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