boxes on the street

Those ugly metal boxes that sit on the sidewalks are needed to house traffic light controls or to provide access points to telephone and internet cable networks.  The trend these days is to have artists paint them and Milan is no exception.   There weren’t too many painted boxes but here are some that I saw.   I am not sure if all of them were sanctioned by the city.

metal box on a sidewalk outside of a restaurant in Milan, painted brown with a picture of two black people, a man and boy, both with curly afro hair styles painted in rainbow colours. They are facing each other, nose to nose. 4 wine bottles are on top of the box.


2 metal boxes on the sidewalks in Milan, both with street art. One is brown, a man's face with a scared look and he's wearing a red tie. The other is a stylized woman in blue overalls

below: Sugo o vino (sauce or wine) by La Pupazza

Street art on a metal box on a sidewalk. The words say 'sugo o vino' which is Italian for 'sauce or wine'. The illustration is a picture of a bowl of pasta with red liquid being poured over it from a wine glass.

A pink elephant like animal painted on a grey metal box on a sidewalk. There are tags on it as well. The walls in the background also have tags on them, tomcat is one of them.

day trip to Bendigo

There isn’t much street art in the town of Bendigo – or I was wasn’t in the right part of town.  The five pictures below is all that I saw.

below: You’ve just been given the bird.  Peace.

a white stencil on a blue wall, a dove in flight with an olive branch in its mouth. A hand and arm is made of the words "You have just been given the bird"

below: A supercalifragilistic stencil

black stencil on a light brown wall, Mary Poppins floating upwards with her open umbrella. Her trail is the word supercalifragiliciousexpialidocius.

below: Three women on walls.

black stencil on a stone wall of a woman's head, very large Afro hair style, smiling,

small paper wheatpaste of a blond woman on the door of a small metal box, with a padlock. The paper is peeling a bit and the rust from the box is also on the graffiti

Paper wheatpaste of a woman that is badly faded and peeled off. She is beside some purple spray paint.