new murals on West 15th Street,

A couple of stretches of concrete wall in Pilsen have recently been opened up to street artists in Chicago.  This post documents the murals that have just been completed on West 15th Street along the railway tracks.

below: Some party animals by Blake Jones

party animals mural by Blake Jones of a large pink rabbit and a green crocodile

below: by Natalia Virafuentes

street art painting by Vira Feuntes of a red face within a brown oval, turquois emouth and three eyes

below: Burger flowers by kozmo (aka Brenda Lopez)

burger flowers mural by Branda Lopez in Chicago, two large flowers, one with pink petals and the other with purple petals, the centers are hamburgers with cheese, they also have faces and tongues that stick out

below: Sup! A large green skull by @eee.matador_x (aka The Paint Reaper)

a large green skull in a mural

below: A close up of the last letter, Y, in the word Unity painted by Antonio Beniquez.

the letter Y written large as part of a mural that spells the word unity.  Black and gold on top, white in the mddle and red along the bottom

row of murals on 15th street, along railway wall, Chicago

below: On the right, a blue crazy creature by @the_red_door (aka Reddor Santiago)

a mural with two creatures, a black cartoon cat head and shoulders, skinny arm with white gloved hand, long red nose. The other is a light blue, skull on top, smiley face with big teeth on the bottom

street art painting of a blue man with big square head with a red heart in it

below: A close up of a pink and blue creature by (sub) Urban Warrior. (aka Natalie)

pink nose, pink horns, green hair, blue face and eyes, mural

below: JoeyD finishing his mural of white creatures and rainbows.  On his right is a blue bird, by Fedz

two murals, on the right is a large blue bird sitting on a white branch with a red background by fedz and on the left joey d is finishing his mural

There is also a row of murals on South Wood Street that have just been painted and if you scroll down to the next post you will find the murals on Wood.  Those of you who know Pilsen, or have visited these walls, will know that the two projects (this one and the next) intersect at the corner of 15th and Wood.