Flinders Court faces

Flinders Court is a little alley in downtown (CBD) Melbourne with some interesting street art paintings that haven’t been tagged over or defaced.

street art in a Melbourne alley, a pink girl with long eyelashes and almost cat like feaures, looking very sad, on pink background.
a realistic looking street art painting of a young woman's face in blues. A young man is standing beside painting, in a Melbourne alley

a young man painted by Goodie, with a piano keyboard and some empty bottles, a green creature by stola (Stoza?) is also in the picture

Three faces painting on a wall in an alley in Melbourne. On the right is a realistic painting of woman's head, in the middle is a caricature like picture of a man with a floppy hat and a bird on top of the hat. On the left is a black drawing of a sad looking girl on pink background. The word Mandy is written under the one in pink, and the words "For all the People" are written under the first woman.

A purple cat in front of many playing cars that are hearts and diamonds. In its hand is a spray paint can, coming out from the can is the word BOSS in turquoise, the words seem to be going into a large mouth, all one street art piece in a Melbourne lane.

a purple boney creature street art painting on a wall in a lane in Melbourne

another face by goodie, that looks like it is missing a few teeth, and also looks like it's been squashed under a window

white drawing of a cats face on blue paper

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