Caledonian Lane

Caledonian Lane, downtown Melbourne.

A lot of the street art has been tagged over and a lot of the paper pieces are peeling,
but there are still a few interesting pieces in this alley.

buildings in an alley with graffiti all over them. A man is sitting on the kerb in front of one of the buildings

street art on a wall in an alley, brown man's face with the words "Life must be preparation for the transition to another dimension"

two young men sitting on a kerb smoking, they're sitting under a street art painting of a large mouth with a long tongue

A small picture of a woman's face on a four piece puzzle on a wall in an alley, under a no parking sign

street apinting of a head, person with curly white and yellow hair that looks like the head of an animal, brown face, on a blue background, on a wall between two doors.

Purple building with the words Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it. The wall has a large tag LouisV written on it. Tukka Smick is written over the door.

Two large faces painted high on a wall, the one on the left has a large tongue that is sticking out. Tagged Genie Yern, and yern genie.


A green and white street art piece

paper wheatpastes on a wall. They are of men with parachute strings behind ad above them. They are peeling.

wheatpaste on a brick wall of a creature that looks like a goose with two arms and a face that is wrong

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