Georgian faces

Georgia the country that is, Tbilisi Georgia

stencil of a young girl's head, shoulders and arms, wearing a hat, holding a piece of fabric over her mouth and nose

below: Love is life. Not sure if there is meaning to the handgun and bullet holes

large colourful mural with the words love is life, a picture of a couple (heads) with flowers and hearts, also a handgun and bullet holes

below: Michael Jackson

black stencil of Michael Jackson in profile on a concrete wall with an orange stripe painted on it

below: blowing smoke

below: Looking out the window

below: James Joyce

grey tones, black and white portrait of James Joyce who wrote Ulysses

below: Cafe Linville

closed and locked double doors painted with two women talking over glasses of red wine, with the words Cafe Linville written across the top of the painting

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