junky recycles

Made from empty cans and bottles, bottle tops, and other pieces of rubbish, these little critters are on poles and walls all over Melbourne.  They are often just above eye level so don’t forget to look up! [UPDATED: I have added a few more junkys that I’ve seen since first posting this.]

below: Three junkys camouflaged on Hosier Lane


below: A black triangular junky amongst friends.


below: On the shoulders of giants




below: An empty wild something can with two round rusty bottle top eyes.


below: Coca-cola junky with some clay pieces behind Legacy House, Drewery Lane

A coke can junky on an exterior wood beam in Drewery Lane, Melbourne, along with some small clay pieces

below:  Hung on pole with a hanger on Brunswick Rd near Sydney St.

A junky creation nailed to a wooden power line pole with two bottle cap eyes and a broken black plastic hanger as a backbone
  below: Like a bird in a cage, this winged junky is behind bars.


below: Two junkys, and one even has waving arms and bendy legs.


below: Mr. Blue Eyes


below: And almost the kitchen sink too.


below: Long floppy arms to catch you with.


below: So hot food but with downcast eyes.


below: This junky is measuring her reach.


below: Floating above the cones.


below: Call this one Jack, he’s made of Tennessee Whiskey



More information about Junky Projects

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