Battery history mural, St. John’s Newfoundland

Painted in 2008, this mural depicts life in the early days of the fishing communities of Newfoundland. It is found on a retaining wall on Battery Road, one of the narrow hilly roads in the Outer Battery neighbourhood.

woman walks past battery road mural, black and white historic scenes and characters
part of a mural in grey tones, history, two women in period clothing outdoors, collecting a pile of flattened dried fish
part of a mural in grey tones, black and white, showing narrow street with two people carrying buckets or pails and another person with a wheelbarrow

man walking on street, walking past a black and white history mural in St. John's Newfoundland

part of a mural, an older man plays an accordion while a woman stands beside him

the back of brown wood house with a retaining wall, concrete, at the bottom, painted with mural with scenes of historic Battery neighbourhood fishing community

mural on Battery Road in St. John's

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