music in the park

There is a large mural on the the side of a school beside a small park (Ernst Lichtblau Park) and playground near the intersection of Einsiedlergasse and Siebenbrunnengasse. Because of the size of the mural as well as all the trees, playground equipment, and caged soccer field in front it, a proper picture of the whole mural was impossible. Instead, I have a series of photos taken from the musician playing the electric guitar depicted on the right to the different instruments on the left.

a woman with a red cap on her head is playing an electric guitar, in a mural on the side of a school in Vienna.

The mural was painted by El Jerrino, a Vienna based artist.

music theme mural on the side of a school by a park in Vienna on Einsiedlergasse
large acoustic guitar in mural on side of school painted by El Jerrino
mural in Ernst Lichtblau Park in Vienna, guitar and mandolin, with playground equipment in front of it
swing set in a playground with mural on the school wall behind, musical instruments in the mural painted by El Jerrino

left hand end of a mural with music theme, red slash as background to older types of instruments

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