brotha y otha

The largest throw-up on this wall in Cuenca Ecuador was easily read as ‘brotha’.  The other (or otha) throw-ups are not as legible although one might be ‘llama’.  The murals are where calle Jose Alvear meets Av Fray Vincente Solano

large brotha throw-up in orange and yellow

a grey elephant with a baseball cap that says Cuenca on it, also letters, possibly L and L, mural on a wall,

mural on a wall with a large tiger head as well as the head of a bird, also two throw-ups, text,

street art, upright green crocdile with black sunglasses and holding a baseball bat text throw-up in purple and green mural, picture of a  yelling man with mouth wide open showing crooked teeth, balding, overweight,

Pictures taken in January 2018

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