these walls have eyes

Faces painted, stenciled and pasted on Montreal walls

street art painting on a bright orange door of a man in a suit sitting cross legged with a cup and saucer of tea. red tea cup and red saucer. his tie is flipped up and his hair is weird he is Monsieur Croissant Head

two paste ups on an old window. on the left is a black and white photo of a young woman. on the right is an abstract of a face in bright primary colours, fractured so she has 4 eyes

a tesalation of 8 faces, 4 on the left and 4 on the right. they are stacked on top of each other, alternating a white face and goldish brown face. The column on the right is looking upwards, the column on the left is looking down, with nose on the ground.

a large brick wall in Montreal with the bottom part covered with a mural. on the right is an image of a black man in a black hat playing the harmonica. The rest is text and tag like shapes in blues and greens. RIP.

under a balcony with two sets of stairs in front of it, a mural with a blue faced girl as well as some other creatures

On a garage door, three heads, each has a cat on top. On of the cats has a mouse pulling a small red cart.

in an alley, a black silhouette of a woman's head with the words Chlo Row 1861, on a salmon coloured wall, another mural on the next wall in the lane

a mural of a young girl in many colours. A red turtlecap is on top of her shoulder

5 poster of Marilyn Monroe on a wall. The 6th poster has been covered by a poster of a man, Bill W.

A man's face in grey tones surrounded by a rainbow coloured ribbon

a multifaceted face in grey tones by omen, with a small pasteup (or painting?) of a blue owl beside the face

two rows of repeating posters. In browns, faded, with torn edges, and red paint blobs and drips on top of them. The top row is girl's head and the bottom is a young girl looking up

large black and white man's face painted by omen with a small orange face to the bottom left and bottom right - orange faces painted by kashink

two faces are part of a larger mural

fresh paint under pressure, a man is holding a spray paint can. he is old looking, bald, with glasses at the end of his nose, wearing a top with black polka dots, done in grey tones

three mens heads. in the center, a bald man in pinks. on either side of him, the identical green man looking upwards.

girls head in pinks

realistic painting of a man in a white shirt, on a purple background, mural

a quickly drawn face with wild spiky black hair. face in red. a red star to the bottom left

a red head woman, with black bra, and many arms, some are snakes, two hands on her breasts and two hands holding her hair.

black abstract faces on white background, painted in an alley

a face painted on a brown metal wall beside an exterior stair case

a paste up of a black and white photo of a young man that is torn and the bottom half is missing

line painting of a woman's head and face

painted face on a brick wall, pink and yellow

once a black and white face, now blurred into grey

two small stickers of black and white demon faces with horns, and tongues stuck out

brown street art painting of a blad man's head and face with droopy eyes partially closed and wrinkled foreheard and cheeks

cartoon character like woman with yellow hair and a red and bllue suit

a roughly drawn black skull on a green fence, with white holes for the eyes and white outline

large painting of a girl's face with bright blue eyes and purple hair


a realistic painting of a woman's head, wearing a black shawl, fingers also in the painting.

mural of a woman's face , touch of turquoise but mostly in pinks and yellows , drawn mostly with lines

a black door in an alley, 911 Ave Mont Royal that has graffiti on it, as well as a painting of a man's face

a white stencil of an older Indian (first nations) man in a feather head dress. A stereotypical picture of Indian chief from old pictures

white line drawing of two men, one short and one tall. The tall man is under a window and looks like he's holding up the window

These photos were taken in June 2015

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