East LA street art

As I was driving north on the I-5 in Los Angeles, I spotted some street art on a side street. I made a detour to take a closer look. There was more graffiti, street art, and interesting things in general in this area of East LA (around Whittier Blvd and East Olympic Blvd) that maybe one day I will get back to.

the side of a building is covered with graffiti, mostly tags, but one little yellow creature with a two little orange legs. Also the word Radiadores in large red letters

The following photos were all taken at the same location, a building on Telegraph Road between LaVerne and Ferris in East LA.

street art painting of two whales on the left side of the picture and a man with large screws on the sides of his head on the right side of the picture.

street art of two yellow animal masks, one is feline and the other may be monkey. South American looking in the design and markings on the masks.

street art portrait of a man with a large derby hat and surrounded by large pink roses

ZAL industrial building on Telegraph Rd in East LA, with wall covered with street art. Boom boxes and ghetto blasters in this photo

greedy red tomato guy, a large red tomato with a face, dollar signs in one eye, large blue sneakers on skinny legs, and he's holding a bag of money

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