honey bears

I don’t think that these characters are actually called Honey Bear but that’s what I started calling them as I found more of them on the streets of Paris. I’m not sure if they even have a name.

I can remember my parents buying honey in bear shaped bottles. After a quick google search, I now know that this bear shaped bottle was first used in 1957 for Dutch Gold Honey, and was design by Ralph and Luella Gamber. They never patented the idea and it was copied by many other honey producers and vendors.

The street art bears are the work of fnnch, an artist based in San Francisco USA. If you take a look at his instagram page, you will discover that this bear comes in hundreds of variations! There is even bear merchandise. I only saw 6 variations…. These are the ones that I saw.

Bowie Bear

street art bear in the shape of a bear shaped honey bottle with David Bowie lightning flash over one eye

Red Wine Bear

two graffiti pieces on a wall, a honey bear with a glass of red wine and a tile portrait

Martini Shaker Bear

Cool Heart Shaped Sunglasses Bear (tapping his foot!?)

Spray Paint Can Bear

Avocado Bear

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