Nikola Jorga’s portrait

a large mural in Tirana Albania on a concrete wall, a portrait of Nikola Jorga, a Romanian historian who died in 1940, along with some text in Romanian

He was born Nicu N. Iorga in Romania on 17 Jan 1871. He was a prolific writer and cultural historian. His biography is long and it gets complicated when discussing his scholarly works and opinions so I will leave that for you to read on Wikipedia (or similar) if you are interested. I haven’t figured out why he is featured on a mural in Albania. He was murdered in 1940 by the Iron Guard, a Romanian militant revolutionary fascist movement and political party.

top part of mural, head and portrait of Nikola Jorga

The text is written in Albanian (or Romanian, google translate had trouble with this) but the first few words translate as “When two quarrel, the third wins”

long text in Romanian from a mural

This mural was painted by Irlo Doidoi for MurAL Fest 2019.

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